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all of the AOBR orks, including 20 boys (2 with big shootas) 5 nobs, 1 warboss(thats nicley painted) and 3 defkoptas(all are missing bases and one is missing 2 rotary blades

eldar codex
1 nicely painted farseer

1 nicely painted commisar
1 5th ed. IG codex

1 half painted devilfish
12 kroot(assembled without arms, but i have the arms)
3 stealth suits (primed black)
1 XV8 crisis battlesuit(missle pod and plasma rifle)

1 nicely painted chaos sorcerer
7 man squad of metal plague marines (assembled with 2 meltas, they look like older versions)

Tomb kings:
1 tomb kings warrior regiment NOS(the sprue is missing 2 legs and 3 arms but still usable)

wood elves:
1 wood elves codex
a couple archers not sure how many ill have to search for them

bitz from the CSM tactical squad sprue(including heavy bolter melta ect. jsut ask)
and a lot of SM bitz just tell me what you need i may have some

1 well R-6E M4A1(shoots 386 last time i chronoed it includes charger)
1 taurus KWC C02 pistol

i want to trade these guns for close to an army or a complete army so PM me

necron army
necron units(any really just
pm me)
Space Marines army
Space Marine units(any really just PM me)
chaos space marines army
$$$ i am willing to sell some stuff too
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