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verything I'm selling is pretty much new cept for what I describe it. Looking to sell @60% of retail. So 40% off the price. Smile

Gorbad Ironclaw (NIB)

(O&G) Army Boxset

1 Orc Warbox (NOS)
1 Orc Army Standard Bearer (NOS)
1 Orc Board Chariot (NOS)
3 Night Goblin Fanatics (NOS)
20 Night Goblins (NOS)
20 Black Orcs (NOS)
35 Orc Warriors (NOS)
30 Forest Goblin Spider Riders (NOS)

Other Box Sets:

1 Orc Chariot (NIB)
1 Black Orcs Regiment (NIB)
1 Goblin Wolf Riders Regiment (NIB)
1 Black Orc Big Bosses (NIB)
3 Stone Trolls (NIB)

Battle for Skull pass Box:

40 Night Goblin Spearmen
20 Night Goblin Archers
1 Night Goblin Big Boss
1 Night Goblin Shaman
1 Troll

Ogre Kingdoms:

1 Ogre Tyrant Propainted
1 Ogre Tyrant (Base Coated Black and setup with 2 handed Greatweapon)
1 Ogre Tyrant (Base Coated Black and Setup for Army Standard Carrier)

1 Butcher (NIB)
1 Tyrant (Special Edition from Army Boxset, NIB)
14 Yhetees Unassembled
4 Gorgers Unassembled
8 Gnoblar trappers Unassembled
6 Ogre Bulls (NOS)
8 Iron Guts (NOS)
4 Leadbelchers (NoS)
40 Gnoblars Assembled

Tomb Kings:

2 Tomb Giants Assembled Base Coated
2 Tomb Screaming Skull Catapults Assembled Base Coated
4 Sets of Lich Priests

Tau Empire:

1 Special Edition Etheral from Army Box
Commander Shadowsun (NIB)


32 Firewarriors Assembled
16 Kroot (NIB)
1 Devilfish Assembled
1 Devilfish (NOS)


6 Stealth Suits Assembled
6 Stealth Suits (NOS)

2 Crisis Suits (NOS)
4 Crisis Suits Assembled
1 Crisis Suit Commander Assembled

Fast Attack:

3 Piranha's Assembled
5 Vespid (NIB)
1 Vespid Assembled
8 Gun Drones Assembled

1 Hammerhead Assembled
1 Hammerhead (NOS)
1 Sniper Drone Assembled

Contact: [email protected]

or PM me here.

Only thing I would be willing to take in trade is Britonian Army. Assembled un-assembled Based costed only. Not painted.

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Interested in Stone Trolls if you still have them.
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