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I have the following that i would like to sell as a job lot, in addition to the miniatures listed below i have A lot of spare parts arms,heads and stuff.

Also included is a KR multi case with foam inserts .If youd like any more info or pictures please pm me.

They are painted to a good tabletop standard the total points value is about 2250 before any magic items or banners are added.

The total value of all the items is over £400
I am selling for £115

Orc Great Shaman
Night Goblin Shaman
Orc Warboss with Battle Standard

18 Orc Arrow boys (including Musicain)

40 Orc Boys (including Standard and Musician)

25 Goblins with bows
3 Nasty Skulkers

40 Night Goblins (net,musician,Standard)
1 Fanatic

10 Goblin Wolf Riders

5 Spider Riders

1 Boar Chariot

2 Giants

1 Orc Rock Lobber

Kr Multi Case carries most of the army with foam inserts.
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