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I've cleaned out the closet and found a lot of stuff I won't miss ever.
Prices are not too high so I'm hoping I can get rid of it all and show the missus I can part with stuff as well as collecting it ;P

All kinds of stuff in there and being added the coming weeks.
Among others;
Space wolf metals from 2nd edition
Space Marine HQ choices
Old chaos warrior bits and pieces
DE slave girls

Can be viewed here;
(to prevent multiposting the thread)

Most stuff is 1-3 euro per miniature, some exceptions and some batches of stuff. The picture titles describe it all.

I also have a bunch of books that have to go:
Mordheim rulebook, as good as new
Warhammer Battle Book (Edition? it's old, came from the box with brets and lizardman)
Warhammer Rule Book (same edition as above)
Give me a reasonable offer

And some novels - 3 euro a piece:
Horus Heresy:
- Galaxy in flames
- The flight of the eisenstein

Gaunt's Ghosts:
- Sabbat Martyr
- Honour Guard
- Necropolis
- Ghostmaker
- First and Only
- Guns of Tanith
- Straigth Silver

- Malleus
- Xenos

Space wolf:
- ragnars claw
- space wolf

Other books:
- Dawn of war Tempest
- Storm of Iron
Everything of course excluding shipping, paypal fees or otherwise.
Bulk discounts can be negotiated, you can pick stuff up in my hometown (hey, if you're here already....) if you prefer.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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