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I have the following:

1 Tyrant
1 Gorger
2 Butchers
1 converted Butcher/Bull Bellower
1 converted Hunter/Bull
2 Man Eaters
4 Leadbelchers
5 Ironguts
4 Ogres with Banners
3 Bulls
3 'armored' Bulls, can be used as Ironguts
Ogre Kingdoms Codex
Retail Price: $372, not including Rhino Rider Conversions and tax
Asking price: $250 (including S and H) or a Tomb Kings Army

Pics are located here:

The models are primed and I started doing the flesh and warpaint on some of them. I paint very thin so it would be easy to paint over it. I also have alternate bitz for the Butchers and Tyrant.

I will be updating with clearer pictures of each model either tomorrow or Friday.
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