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I'm getting tired of painting Cadians, and want to switch to my favorite models, the Mordians.

I'm looking to trade 2-1, so for every Mordian you have, you get 2 cadians.

I have
Forgeworld Command Squad

Hardened Veteran Squad w/ Forgeworld shotgun upgrade, 3 Melta guns, missile launcher.

2 Platoon of 3 squads
1st platoon command squad has power fist and 4 guardsmen w/ pistol/CCW
Ist platoon has Grenade Launchers and Missile Laucnhers as special and heavies.

2nd Command squad has 2 Grenade Launchers, and a missile launcher
2nd Platoon has Grenade Launchers and Heavy Bolter

1 platoon of 4 squads
Command has 3 plasmas, medic, and plasma pistol commander
Plasma and Lascannon as special and heavies

2 Armored Fist Squads (No chimeras)
Flamers and Missile Launchers

also have 2 Lascannon Heavy Weapon Squads, 2 Autocannon Squads, 1 Missile Launcher Squad, 2 Mortar Squads, Special Weapon Squad w/ 2 melta and a Forge world Demo pack, 4 Cadian Snipers.

Will also throw in a large bag of Cadian bits.

There are also 20 Cadian Rough Riders I've converted from Imperial fantasy Knights and Cadians I might be willing to swap for 10 Attillan Rough Riders.

So that's right around 200 Cadian models, I would like to trade for 100 Mordians w/ Various special and heavy weapons. Most everything is bare plastic or primered. Only 2 Infantry squads are painted as well as the command squads and the Veteran Squad.

I am looking to swap this all at once, so serious offers only please.

Thanks for looking!
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