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H:IG W: Paypal Cheap

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This is what i have will sell for chaep. Just needed to make some room. Have at it.

Steel Legion-8 las guns, 2 plasma guns, 2 grenade launchers, 1 segt whit las pistol and chain sword, 1 missile launcher team

Adeptus Arbites – 8 man team all armed with bolters, 1 leader armed with shotgun

(Tallarn- 2 segts armed with bolt pistol and chainsword, 3 Mortar teams, 2 auto cannon teams, 1 heavy bolter team, 4 missile launcher teams, Ar’rahem) Sold

(Platic Cadian NIB the one with 20-$25) SOLD

New Stuff Old Cadians Metal
2 voxs with packs
3 meatlguns
2 flamers
1 leader with shotgun
1 vox no pack
1 plasma gun
1 leader with bolter
16 las-guns
2 segt with bolt pistol and hand up

1 heavy bolter team
6 flamers
1 grenade launcher
9 las-guns
2 voxs
1 mealtgun
2 tank riders
1 segt with bolt pistol and chainsword
1 commander chenkov
1 leader with hand flamer and chainsword

cadian command squad the new metal one
1 medic
1 banner standard
1 Vox master
1 mealtgun

(100 Secret of the third reich rebreather back packs) Sold
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Will Ship all around the world for one flat rate. none of the models are painted
Will sell all the tallarns for $40 plus [email protected]

packs are like this one NIB will sell for $4 each
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WIll Sell the AA for $40
piemaster will give the cadians for 30 that includes S&H
@Death Sorry for the delay will ship tomorrow on friday thaks again
That good man thanks again
Thanks man will ship out tommorow
Sorry man all gone just have not updated it
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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