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H:IG W: Paypal Cheap

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This is what i have will sell for chaep. Just needed to make some room. Have at it.

Steel Legion-8 las guns, 2 plasma guns, 2 grenade launchers, 1 segt whit las pistol and chain sword, 1 missile launcher team

Adeptus Arbites – 8 man team all armed with bolters, 1 leader armed with shotgun

(Tallarn- 2 segts armed with bolt pistol and chainsword, 3 Mortar teams, 2 auto cannon teams, 1 heavy bolter team, 4 missile launcher teams, Ar’rahem) Sold

(Platic Cadian NIB the one with 20-$25) SOLD

New Stuff Old Cadians Metal
2 voxs with packs
3 meatlguns
2 flamers
1 leader with shotgun
1 vox no pack
1 plasma gun
1 leader with bolter
16 las-guns
2 segt with bolt pistol and hand up

1 heavy bolter team
6 flamers
1 grenade launcher
9 las-guns
2 voxs
1 mealtgun
2 tank riders
1 segt with bolt pistol and chainsword
1 commander chenkov
1 leader with hand flamer and chainsword

cadian command squad the new metal one
1 medic
1 banner standard
1 Vox master
1 mealtgun

(100 Secret of the third reich rebreather back packs) Sold
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how much for the arbites?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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