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I usually start at 30 % off of retail and then if you purchase more I begin to take more off sometimes as much as 40- 50%. For bigger groups of models shipping is free.
Origianlly bought some stuff for a friend.. didn't quite work out so now I'm stuck and need to go from here.

The Below are in my possession:

2 GW Fig Cases

Rulebooks and Codex
40 K Rulebook
Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard
IG Codex
1 Command Squad (boxed set) * 2
Cadian plastics 20 - painted need stripped
4 Sgts (M)
Imp Guard Codex - Old
4 Commisars
1 OOP Commisar Yarrik

Heavy Weapon Teams
4 new rocket teams
2 new rocket team bases
5 new AC team bases
1 new LC team base
2 new HB team bases
1 new mortar team bases

3 Cathcan Snipers
15 - 20 Plastic catchcan Infantry

Steel Legion
Heavy Bolters X 2
3 Missle Launchers

Sentinel - unprimed autocannon.. main body assembled..legs unattached
1 Leman Russ Demolisher with LC
3 Chimeras with Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter
2 Converted Salamanders (will need some work)

Storm Troopers
Non Karskin Storm Trooper squad Including Sargent, Flamer, Plasma gun, seven storm troopers Primed
Non Karskin 6 new in blister or 3 blister storm troopers

Shadowsword - Primed, barrel broken (easily repairable)
Baneblade - untouched

Tau Codex * 2
2x Aun'shi Blister - "N"
1x Pathfinder with rail rifle Blister - "N"
1x Pathfinder Blister - "N" * 3
5x Tau Drones - "SP"
9x Tau Decal sheets - "U"

Space Marines
Librarian NIB
F48-36 Chief Librarian Tigurius

I51-39 Tyranid Red Terror

Kharn the Betrayer x1 - "U"
Fabius Bile
Chaos Havoc sergeant x1 - "SP" (with CC weapon and bolt pistol)
Chaos Havoc Marine x2 - "SP" (with Heavy Bolter), Obliterator x1 - "U" x1
Chaos decal sheet x6 - "U"

SP = Started Painting, N = New in Box, U = Unassembled on Blister, P = Painted, B = Primed, PB = "Unknown" (Im recalling this list from memory)

1 Ogre Kingdom Hunter w/ Tigers (Has a crossbow on his arm and two spears over his back)

Dogs of War - painted 9/10 needs to be rebased
20 Beorgs Bearstruck Bearmen including command
14 Long Drong Slayer Pirates including command
20 Lumpkin Kroop
1 Female Sorcerroress with the italian name
1 Paymaster
1 Midas the Mean
1 Witch Hunter/Priest of sigmar combo

In need of repair
4 goblins on wolfback
Actual paychest
4 Birdmen of Catrazza
12 Riccos Republican Guard ... 2 are spears off others fine.

Black Library
Angels of Darkness – Gav Thorpe
Annihilation Squad – Gav Thorpe
Blood Bowl – Matt Forbeck
Blood Bowl Dead Ball – Matt Forbeck
Crossfire – Matthew Farrar
Daemon Slayer – William King
Death’s Messanger – Sandy Mitchel
Dragon Slayer – William King
Faith & Fire – James Swallow
Fire Warrior – Simon Spureier
Giant Slayer – William King
Gilead’s Blood – Dan Abnett
Grey Hunter – William King
Grudge Bearer – Gav Thorpe
Kill Team – Gav Thorpe
Mark of Heresy – James Wallis
Necromancer – John Green
Nightbringer – Graham McNeil
Plague Daemon – Brian Craig
Ragnar’s Claw – William King
Sacred Flesh – Robin Laws
Shadow Breed – David Ferring
Skaven Slayer – William King
SPace Wolf – William King
Star of Erengrad – Neil Mcintes
Storm Warriors – Brian Craig
Swords of the Empire – Marc Gascolgne
Taint of Evil – Neil McIntosh
Tainted Blood – Nathan Long
The Ambassador – Graham McNeil
The Bleeding Chalice – Ben Counter
The Dead and the Damned – ohn Brew
Troll Slayer – Danabnett
Ursun’s Teeth – Graham McNeil
Valnir’s Bane – Nathan Long
Vampire Slayer – William King
Warblad – David Ferring
Warrior of Ultramar – Graham McNeil
Way of the Dead – Marc Bascogine
Witch Finder – CL Eerner
Wolfblade – William King

10 Dwarven Crossbowmen
The Rat ogre

Voystroyans (MSP) - Heavy weapons teams needed. Regular Infantry low priority
Forgeworld Tanks
SOB Excorcists
Cities of Death Stuff
Imperial Guard Vol 1 (HB) and Vol 3, 4
Forgeworld Chimeria Inqisitional doors
Inquisitional Forgeworld Stuff

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Same question as Necrontyr. Is the shadowsword forgeworld or armorcast? If it's a forgeworld shadowsword I have a bit of forgeworld stuff(including tanks) for trade, maybe even an armorcast warhound titan. If it's an armorcast shadowsword, I'll have to pass.


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There is a large difference in detail quality, regarding the Forgeworld to be better. Also, the armorcast models have to be converted to hold twin-linked hvy bolters on the sides instead of the 3-point-bolter layout. Other than that major conversion and the higher quality detail and slightly smaller scale of the forgeworld one, there aren't many more differences.

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