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Please email me at [email protected]

I usually start at 35 % off of retail and then if you purchase more I begin to take more off sometimes as much as 40- 50%. For bigger groups of models shipping is free.
Pending - IN

20 Khorne berzerkers
7 Thousand son
5 Raptors
1 Chaos Rhino
3 Chaos space marine bikers
2 Dreadnoughts
2 Obliteraters
1 Chaos predator
1 Chaos land raider
1 Abaddon the despoiler
1 Cypher
1 Ahriman
1 Kharn the betrayer
1 Fabious bille
12 Chaos terminaters
2 Sorcerers
4 Daemonic beasts
1 Great unclean one
1 Chaos lord

On Hand
Uruk-Hai Berserkers
Uruk-Hai Battering Ram
Uruk-Hai Shaman
Uruk-Hai Command
Uruk-Hai w/ Crossbows
Goblin King of Moria
Cave Troll x2
Army of The Dead
Haradrim Command
Rohan Royal Guard on Foot x2
Gollum, Sam, Frodo
Sam, Frodo in Orc Armor
Merry, Pippin vs Grishnakh
Box Sets:
Troll Chieftain
Army of The Dead (including King)
Uruk-Hai Siege Assault Ballista
Mordor War Catapult x2
War Mumak x2
Fall of The Witch King
Treebeard, Mighty Ent (open, checked for contents)
Escape Frome Orthanc (open, checked for contents)
Warg Attack (open, checked for contents)
Ambush at Amon-Hen (Open checked for contents)
Evil of Isengard
Valiant Rohirrim
1 Troll Chieftain
1 Mordor Troll
1 Sauron (Painted)

Mini Rule Book
Big Return of The King Rulebook
Shadow & Flame
Siege of Gondor
The Battle of Plennor Fields
The Scouring of the Shire
A Shadow in the East
The Fellowship of The Ring Best of White Dwarf Magazine
The Two Towers The Best of White Dwarf Magazine
Return of the King The Best of White Dwarf Magazine

18 sisters w/ bolters
4 sisters converted w/ melta guns (pending)
3 sisters w/ storm bolters
5 sister superiors w/ power weapon
1 sister superior w/ bolt pistol + cc weapon
1 old style cannoness
2 sisters w/ heavy bolters
1 sister standard bearer in blister
3 icon bearers
1 Seraphim Superiors

1 female inq
2 scribes
1 familiar

Rulebooks and Codex
Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard
Imp Guard Codex - Old
Priest - NIB
Cadian Command HQ primed
3 Heavy Weapon Squads
1 Hellhound built and primed
Imperial Guard Codex

Space Marines
SM Term Capt - Bare Metal
Emp Champion New and Old

1 long out of production METAL Tyranid Hive Tyrant
12 genestealers - 1 Ed Back
1 metal Tyranid Biovore w/ spore mines blister - 1 Ed Back
3 metal zoanthrope blisters - 1 Ed Back
1 Metal zoanthrope - New Ed

Possessed CSM - 5 Primed no paint

Dogs of War - painted 9/10 needs to be rebased
20 Beorgs Bearstruck Bearmen including command
14 Long Drong Slayer Pirates including command
20 Lumpkin Kroop
1 Female Sorcerroress with the italian name
1 Witch Hunter/Priest of sigmar combo

In need of repair
4 goblins on wolfback
4 Birdmen of Catrazza

Black Library - open for trades beyond those listed
Annihilation Squad – Gav Thorpe
Blood Bowl – Matt Forbeck
Blood Bowl Dead Ball – Matt Forbeck
Crossfire – Matthew Farrar
Daemon Slayer – William King
Death’s Messanger – Sandy Mitchel
Dragon Slayer – William King
Faith & Fire – James Swallow
Fire Warrior – Simon Spureier
Giant Slayer – William King
Gilead’s Blood – Dan Abnett
Grey Hunter – William King
Grudge Bearer – Gav Thorpe
Kill Team – Gav Thorpe
Mark of Heresy – James Wallis
Necromancer – John Green
Nightbringer – Graham McNeil
Plague Daemon – Brian Craig
Ragnar’s Claw – William King
Sacred Flesh – Robin Laws
Shadow Breed – David Ferring
Skaven Slayer – William King
SPace Wolf – William King
Star of Erengrad – Neil Mcintes
Storm Warriors – Brian Craig
Swords of the Empire – Marc Gascolgne
Taint of Evil – Neil McIntosh
Tainted Blood – Nathan Long
The Ambassador – Graham McNeil
The Bleeding Chalice – Ben Counter
The Dead and the Damned – ohn Brew
Troll Slayer – Danabnett
Ursun’s Teeth – Graham McNeil
Valnir’s Bane – Nathan Long
Vampire Slayer – William King
Warblad – David Ferring
Warrior of Ultramar – Graham McNeil
Way of the Dead – Marc Bascogine
Witch Finder – CL Eerner
Wolfblade – William King

Imperial Guard Vol 1 (HB) and Vol 3, 4
Inquisitional Forgeworld Stuff
Valkirie Gunship (MSP)
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