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Hiya All,

I have the following to trade:
About 100 imperial guard guardsmen, with a mixture of Cadian and Catachans.
7 Heavy Weapon Teams varying weaponary
1 Metal Commisar
1 Metal Guardsmen Marbo
Raging Heros kurganvo sisters (female comissars)
I may also have 2 metal Yarricks and a metal Straken
1 OoP last edition codex

What im looking for is:
Codecies newest ed original hardback print if possible:
Astra Militarum
Militarum Temptus
Chaos Daemons
Khorne Daemonkin
Last ed Daemon Codex.

Models in Priority:
Imperial Guard Vehicles. Anything at all even baneblades.
Metal Karskins
Chaos Daemons
Ork Anything
Chaos Space Marines

If you have any of the above and are looking for what I have hit me up. I would rather not split up my lot if possible, but hit me up and we shall see.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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