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hi i have a collection of ig for sale and some gk's the gk's are being painted so i just wanna see if anyone is interested but i have the ig and there for sale right now!

imperial guard:
company command squad/ medic,commander with bp,3 vets 1 melta 1 flag a plasma pistol one vox with powerfist and lasgun - £10
1 vet squad sarge with power sword an laspistol three vets with sniper, plasma and havy flamer - £8
1 cadian squad sarge with chainsaw and laspistol all rest are las guns - £7-6
hwt 3 lascannons - £12
5 normal spare men - £4

grey knights
10 grey knights (pro painted) - £40 for both squads or £20 each
stern (pro paited) - £12
5 storm troopers (pro painted) - £10

i do not have the grey knights right now i just wanna see if anyone is interested

what i want is paypal or space marines
heres what space marines i need

scout bikes (unbuilt)
command squad (unbuilt or on sprues)

for all together paypal wise i would like £95-90 (including grey knights)

i will sell in small batches if neccessary you have to pay for p&p
prices are negotible and other space marines i may except
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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