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Hello everybody!

New to the site, however i'm a reputable trader listed at Dakkadakka.com. Coming over this way to see what kind of trades are to be had!

WHFB: Many if not all of these models are OOP now but still look very up to date to current models. Everything is assembled but not painted unless otherwise specified.


High Elves:

10 Spearmen (plastic)
10 Archers (plastic)
1 Dragon prince (metal)
1 Teclis (Metal, and imo a much cooler looking model then the new one)
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower w/ 2 man crew and an archer (Metal)
5 Ellyrian Reavers (Metal)

Wood Elves:

4 Dryads (metal, primed white)
2 War Dancers (metal)
3 Archers (metal)


20 Saurus Warriors (plastic)
32 Skink with bows (plastic)
4 Skink warriors (metal)
1 Kroxigor with jagged rock polearm (metal)
2 Terradon's each with a skink pilot rider, a skink with bow rider (metal)


1 Gyrocopter with pilot (metal)

Imperial Guard:

5 Catachan Jungle Fighters (Metal)
4 Catachan Jungle Fighters (Plastic)


Assault Terminators
Drop Pod
Rhino / Razorback
Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer
Assault Marines with Jump Packs
Sanguinary Priests
Just about anything Tau

If you have any questions please send a PM my way or post right on the forum. Thank you for looking!
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