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Hello, I have a box of Eldar that my old roommate left and got mixed it in all my stuff. Has a decent amount.(He only ran them a few times) But I enjoy the two armies that I am running so getting rid of these. Checked Gamesworkshop.com just so I could figure out which models they where and price them. All are unpainted, and some are primed black. Heres what I have:

Farseer with Staff
Eldar Warlock
Autarch with Fusion Gun
Yriel of Iyanden

10-Fire Dragon
6-Howling Banshees

8-Dire Avengers
9-Guardian Squad
11-Storm Guardians
9-troops -Rangers

3-Vyper Jetbike

1-Fire Prism

Send me a good offer and where you are located so I can figure out shipping.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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