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Fallen One
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Hello All,

As I have amassed quite a range of collection I am seeking to boost my main forces through trading and or selling of my project forces.

Here is what I have up for trade currently (if traded out it will be shaded):

Eldar ( all metal)

20 metal guardians
15 metal warp spiders
1 weapon platform
3 blasters
4 big wings hawks
6 small wings hawks
Avenger exarch
big banshee

Dwarves ( all metal)

15 maraders

Orks (over 50% are metal)

42 grots
14 nobs
13 tank busta
33 ccw/weapon boyz
15 space orks
2 wagons w/ weapon platform
20 space orks
zap gun
big gun
beer thing
2x aobr space ork leader

Necrons (metal/non metal)

5 destroyers
11 scarab bases
60+ warriors
2 lords

Dark eldar (90% + are metal)
50 + warriors
50 + wyches
30+ incubi
1 takes
10+ scourges
1 raider
8+ Reavers
5+ helions
15+ mandrakes
various metal lords female/male

Daemons ( 95% metal)
40+ blood letters
2 blood thirsters
1 skull taker
10 daemonnettes
10 pink horrors
5 flamers
12 plaugebearers
1 bloodhound
3 screamers

5 Hammerheads/Devilfish
20+ Firewarriors
10 + pathfinders
30 + drones
1 shaper
7 crisis suits
5 battlesuits

Also I have 5+ pounds of bits for each of my project armies so if your looking for any bits/weapons etc I can look through and we can work something out.

As always I will accept cash or euros :p
I am as always looking for Dark Angels, Blood Angels, transports, tanks etc etc pretty much anything but dreadnoughts unless rifleman ( I have 17 traditional dreads heh)

I have been having a craving for more sternguard/combi weapons as of late as well.

Also looking for anything forgeworld because as always I am a collector :)

But I will look into any reasonable offer, whether its for my main armies or different armies.

I actually like when things are built over on sprues, but any form is acceptable.


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Necron Bits


Mainly interested in some necron bits, atm looking for some immortal chests/legs and spiny back bits

I am new to 40k so I dont have many models but do have some nid and ork stuff no vehicles though if these are of any interest.

Have a couple NEW nid finecast and a new box of grey knights(changed mind on army)

Other then that paypal

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Hey, willing to deal with the UK?
If so can I ask:
What condition are the Tau Hammerheads in? Painted/not
Is it the old or new Farsight model? Painted/not?
Condition/details on the Necron Warriors and Lords as well please. Painted/not?

To trade I have SM Termies, Tact squads and some other bits plus ££ of course.

Many thanks!!

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I have these 6 close combat terminators :

That I am looking to trade. I am keen on 3-6 crisis suits, 3 battlesuits, shadowsun and drones. I have a distinct preference for unassembled, but could handle assembled ones if need be.

I am also after DE: 4x Incubi 6x Kabalites 4x Wyches 2x Scourges (feathered wings) and 2 mandrakes. I'm fine for them to be metal but they need to look like the current models. Making a blood bowl team :)

If your not interested in termies, I could always talk cash. Feel free to PM


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Hummm sorry but I didnt get a Pm off you (if you were talking to me!!) lol
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