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Eldrad - bare metal
Fuegan - bare metal
Autrach on bike - metal/plastic bare
Farseer and warlock finecast set - undercoated white
4 metal farseers - bare metal - 1 missing arm
4 singing spear warlocks - bare metal
8 witch blade warlocks two poses - bare metal - 1 missing blade
6 fine cast fire dragons inc exarch
6 howling banshees inc exarch painted metal
11 x striking scorpions metal inv 2 exarchs
Harlequin troop finecast new in box
11 dire avengers inc 2 exarchs bare plastic
10 guardians with heavy weapon sprues all still on sprue
10 guardians w/ 2 platforms (scatter laser and starcannon aSsembled)
5 rangers - bare metal
5 Dark Reapers inc Exarch - Metal
5 Warp Spiders - Fine Cast - New in Box
Wraithknight assembled magnetised all spares
Wraithlord part assembled. Bare plastic all unused parts
War walker part assembled all spare parts
Wave serpent white undercoat no turret
Eldar hardback codex
GW hard case with grey foam
Eldar psychic cards

Would cost £650 new, looking for £320 courier posted in the UK. Willing to ship worldwide, but with extra cost to the buyer. Thanks for looking and please get in tough with any enquiries.

Link to the album with pictures below.

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