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I am just getting into Daemons, so I have some things to offer here, for a trade for my desired Daemons. My haves are listed below and afterward will come my wants of the Chaos Daemons. I prefer US only trades, but will consider international if trade is sort of big or contains a high priority trading item. Pictures can be supplied on demand via PM. In addition, I would rather prefer trades over cash, as my Paypal account is temporarily useless. Thanks for looking!



Daemon Hunters

1 Five man squad of PAGKs, bare and unpainted but assembled and glued to base.

1 Five man squad of Terminators, bare and unpainted but assembled and glued to base.

Daemon Hunter Codex, some wear and the spine on the inside is weak in a few pages, but otherwise fine.


Infantry Squad Bits, mainly chainsword arms, grenades, water containers, flamers, loose knives, empty helmets, extra heads, etc.

Two Infantry Squads, each with a grenade launcher, and one power sword sergeant; none painted but assembled and on bases. ~ONE SQUAD GONE~

Three Heavy Bolter Teams, composing one Heavy Bolter Squad; none painted but assembled and on bases.

One Veteran squad, three with melta-guns and a sergeant with a bolt pistol and chainsword. Squad assembled to appear different than other guardsmen, to indicate this squad is a Vet squad; none are painted but are assembled and on bases.

Command Squad with commander holding a walking stick and with bolt gun, three plasma gunners and a medic; none painted but assembled and on bases.

FW Vanquisher Tank, with multi-melta side sponsons, and lascannon on hull sponson; is not painted but assembled.

Executioner Tank, with Plasma Cannon side sponsons, and lascannon on hull sponson; is not painted but assembled, also has a white residue from dried glue over it, giving part of treads realistic terrain effect, say, snow or the like. Of course can be washed off. Right side sponson cannot moved, accidentally glued in place.

Basilisk Artillery Tank, Heavy Bolter hull sponson. Not painted but is assembled, and also lost one stand for the rails and used a toothpick in place.

FW Colossus Artillery Tank, Heavy Bolter hull sponson. Not painted but is assembled. Comes with Artillery shells as well as shell case box.

Shadowsword hull Demolisher cannon; used to make the scratch-built Medusa, but have an extra one.

I do not have a whole lot of bitz for my Infantry squads, but if there is something in particular, please do ask away and I'll see what I have in my bitz bags. I do have a lot of vehicle bitz, so don't be shy to ask about any of those accessories!!


12 extra Termaguants, some painted and some primed black. All with fleshborers, but can supply with plenty of devourers if needed and other bitz with them.

Genestealer head variants; two Warrior sized bases; Deathspitters; venom cannons, Stranglethorn cannons; some scything talons; almost complete Tyranid Warrior but missing legs; lots of fleshborers; couple of monstrous scything talons; Warrior sized scything talons; Carnifex heads; monstrous venom cannons; Carnifex legs; couple Ymgarl Genestealer heads. Essentially bag fulls of bitz. You need some, just ask away, I've probably got it.

Trygon Prime, if I can find a good enough trade for it; not painted but is assembled as a Trygon Prime. Sprue comes with it.


I am looking for a Great Unclean One, Daemon Prince of Nurgle (GW one, which is metal), Plaguebearers, Flamers of Tzeentch, and a Soul Grinder, preferably NIB.

I would like the Grean Unclean One and Daemon Prince of Nurgle to be unpainted, but will consider it in the trade, depending. The Soul Grinder I would like in NIB condition only. Otherwise, I do not mind the condition of the others. These units take precedence over Daemonettes, Bloodcrushers, Keeper of Secrets, Beasts of Nurgle and Nurglings. I will take these as well, but like mentioned, I prefer the first listed over these.

Thanks for taking a look and hope to get some Daemons!! Thanks!!
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