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I am in some need of Tyranids. Below, I will list my haves and ensuing is the wants of the Tyranids. Foremost, I stress that I want the most CURRENT models. I've had people come to me with offers of OOP models or previous edition, which I don't want, and will not respond to if you do offer them. Unless specifically stated. I am only doing strictly trades, no cash offers and in that same sense, I will not offer any. I reside in the USA, I would prefer USA, but I may take into consideration for International shipping, but first and foremost, I would prefer USA only. Unless this International trade is either large or has something very specific or worth the trade. Thanks for looking.



1 Five man squad of PAGKs, bare and unpainted but assembled and glued to base.
Primed Inquisitor Retuine; 2 Servo Skulls, a Mystic, Priest and I believe a Mage.
Daemon Hunter Codex, some wear and the spine on the inside is weak in a few pages, but otherwise fine.


Infantry Squad Bits, mainly chainsword arms, grenades, water containers, flamers, loose knives, empty helmets, extra heads, etc.

Infantry Squad, with a grenade launcher, and one power sword sergeant; none painted but assembled and on bases.

Three Heavy Bolter Teams, composing one Heavy Bolter Squad; none painted but assembled and on bases.

One Veteran squad, three with melta-guns and a sergeant with a bolt pistol and chainsword. Squad assembled to appear different than other guardsmen, to indicate this squad is a Vet squad; none are painted but are assembled and on bases.

Techpriest Enginseer; Assembled and on base, but not painted.

Shadowsword hull Demolisher cannon; used to make the scratch-built Medusa, but have an extra one.

I do not have a whole lot of bitz for my Infantry squads, but if there is something in particular, please do ask away and I'll see what I have in my bitz bags. I do have a lot of vehicle sprues, so don't be shy to ask about any of those accessories!!

Chaos Daemons

Primed-black Great Unclean One: Assembled, has two head variants, doesn't have the skulls for the chains he is holding. On square base and round base will come with him.


I have four models from the Abberant Games company, the model more specifically made for a game called Dark Rezolution or something of that nature. The four guys, in metal and assembled and on base and unpainted, are called Peacekeeper officers. I don't know much about this game, but was going to use them for Stormtroopers, and instead they never got used, as I never used Stormtroopers for the IG.


Tyranids: Listed in last post.

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I've came back and updated what has been traded and so forth. Now I would like a new want, rather than CSM or SW as I have fulfilled those two wants. As far as Tyranids go, I am no longer accepting Hormagaunts, Termagaunts and Warriors as I've got a abundance of these guys. Below, I will list what I would specifically like, and they rank in the order of which would be my top priorities. I do not mind if they are painted or assembled, as I will customize them to my liking once I receive them. Thanks for looking!!

Hive Guard
Tyrant Guard
Biovore; with Spores
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