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31 Deathwing Terminators:

11 Terminators w/powerfist and stormbolter
3 Terminators w/Assault Cannons
3 Terminators w/chainfist and stormbotler
1 Terminator w/banner
1 Apocethary Terminator
2 Terminators w/Plasma Cannon
2 Terminators w/Cyclone Missiles
3 Terminators w/powersword and stormbolter

5 unboxed terminators on sprue

2 Captains and 9 regular Deathwing Knights

1 Belial

*All Models based and have a bonewhite base

Saint Celestine
14 Sisters of Battle w/bolters
2 Sergeants w/Chainsword and Pistol
4 Sisters w/Flamers
1 Immolator
1 Forgeworld Sisters of Battle Rhino

*Note all models are painted except for Celestine

I'm looking for specific units for Space Wolves from the following list:
Grey Hunters
Drop Pods
Wolf Guard Terminators
Long Fangs w/Lascannons
Fenrisian Wolves
Thunderwolf Cavalry
Dreadnought w/Ax and Shield

For Tyranids I'm not looking for anything in particular, just to bolster the collection. Or Paypal. Or Khorne models, specifically daemons

PM me if interested
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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