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bought a massive DE army with all the WHFB rule book coming out then realised i have no friends who play that and cant get to workshop on the day they play WHFB so im selling it. im looking for any choas deamons but they must be un painted with 40k bases or pounds heres what i have

Morathi built but unpainted
1 socerous un painted
2 unbuilt dreadlords with great weapon one not even out of blister
1 dreadlord with that sickle weapon painted to a high standard
15 executioners painted to a high standard
converted malius darkblade unpainted
cold one chariot with the new coldones and bits from a white lions chariot unpainted
1 war hydra with beatmasters unpainted
2 bolt throwers unpainted
15 cold ones unpainted
30 crossbowmen unpainted
40 spearmen primed
20 corsairs with 2 hand repeaters unpainted
20 corsairs with hand weapons umpainted
3 assasins painted to a high standard
1 dread lord on cold one unpainted
1 lokir fellheart unpianted

if you want pics just ask. i will post anywhere for free im looking for a reasonable sized unpainted deamon army or cash i would prefer to sell the lot for £300 but may consider splitting for a good offer
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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