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Hey there,

I am primarily interested in cash, but will consider trades for the following:

High Elf White Lions
High Elf Phoenix Guard
High Elf Swordmasters
High Elf Bolt Throwers

I have:

Dark Elves

Dark Elf Army Book, more or less as you would find it on the shelf, no loose pages.

31 Crossbowmen INCLUDING full command and two additional musicians - these models vary from unpainted to painted and based. Some damage along the lines of a few missing heads and a snapped crossbow.

20 Spearmen INCLUDING full command with shields. Front rank is painted in regal blue and dheneb stone, the rest sprayed black.

10 Cold One Knights INCLUDING full command. Cold ones painted dark blue, some riders in boltgun metal etc the rest sprayed black.

30 Corsairs INCLUDING full command. Vast majority of the unit unpainted.

19 Black Guard INCLUDING Musician and Standard. The Standard has snapped off, but can be replaced easily. Mostly sprayed black.

3 Unpainted Assassins

1 Lord on Cold One, Almost finished painting in Regal Blue/Dheneb Stone

1 Lord on Foot, Almost finished painting

1 BSB converted from the Black Guard Champion, Unpainted

1 Sorceress on Foot, Basecoated

1 Sorceress on Cold One, Unpainted, unassembled

1 Lokir Fellheart, Unpainted

1 Dark Elf Queen from http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=12

1 Hydra, Part assembled, joints part green stuffed, fully complete and unpainted.

I would love to sell this as a lot, with a heavy discount due to the trouble it saves me to post it all at once. Looking at about £160 or best offer. Will consider individual unit prices.

Scout Army

All completely painted to a good tabletop standard, with the exception of a couple of scouts who need their skin doing, and the assault marines who need their shoulder detailing. The Rifleman dread is sprayed black but based the same as the rest. The entire army is on snow-effect bases, which looks very good in contrast to the black armour.


Chaplain with Jump Pack

Venerable Dreadnought (AoBR Dread with added scrolls, trinkets and back-banners) in Drop Pod

Dreadnought with 2x Twin Linked Autocannon

Techmarine with Servo Harness

10 Assault Scouts with Powerfist

10 Assault Scouts with Powerfist

10 Bolter Scouts with Powerfist

10 Sniper Scouts with Telion and Missile Launcher

5 Assault Scouts with Powerfist

10 Assault marines with Powerfist and Storm Shield Sergeant

Land Speeder Storm with Multi Melta

Predator with Autocannon and Lascannon Sponsons

This army is one of the most unique armies I've seen created with Codex: Space Marines and it's also incredibly fun to play. You effectively get first turn assaults across the board with 25 Scouts and 10 Assault Marines with 4 Powerfists between them. The Predator (normally with Chronus inside), Rifleman dread and Sniper Scouts shoot anything considered too tough to assault. You also have a Drop-Podding Venerable who can help out with either his multi-melta or heavy flamer.

Looking at about £180 for this lot, or nearest offer. I'd rather not split it into lots, but will consider it if no-one seems interested in the whole thing.


I also have some:

Khorne bezerkers
Chaos Terminators
Sisters of Battle Squads
Exorcists (Immolator chassis with Valkyrie Rocket Pods instead of Flamers)
Sanguinary Guard
3 Leman Russ
1 Cityfight Painted Sentinel

Please ask if interested!

Both these armies will head onto ebay in about a week, and bidding will inevitably make the prices rise. Grab them while they're cheap!

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Which parts of it did you want? I can provide more pictures of anything you'd like to see.

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The Sniper scouts are the least completed part of the army, most of the skin needs doing, along with some detail.

The bolter scouts are almost totally done, I think they just need a black wash.

The CCW scouts are a mix of metal and new plastic models, I think about 4 out of 20 need their skin doing, the rest are finished.

More pics as requested!

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£15 per squad seems fair, that's effectively buy-one-get-one-free on GWs prices. £18 for the one with Telion.

Pics of the Chaos as requested, any parts that are missing (including bases for the terminators) will be supplied as well, they're in my bits box atm.

The terminators are black and silver (chainmail, I think)... I have no idea why the silver looks greenish in the pics, must be something to do with the flash.

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If you want something reserved, tell me now, because all of this is going on Ebay at the end of the day.
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