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Hey all, I've got a good bunch of CSMs to trade for Tyranids. In terms of trading, I only want the NEWEST model available for that specified model. No OOP stuff please. I will not, and stress, that I won't accept seller PMs and do not want to sell the CSMs; strictly trades, please. In addition, if you have a lower reference rating than me, then I prefer that you ship first and provide tracking. For the most part, I will go into as much detail as possible, thus why I have one Marine listed separately and so on, in case you were wondering. Below are my Haves and listed afterward are my wants. Thanks for taking a look!


Chaos Lord; appears to be in need of some stripping, assembled apart from arms, and has a unpainted jump-pack on his back. His right arm comes with him, but I don't appear to have the left arm, perhaps a Marine arm could be used in place.

5 Terminators; assembled, unpainted, 4 including Terminator Champion have a pair of Lightning Claws, while the last one has a Chainfist and Heavy Flamer, which appears to have a metal OOP head of a man with horns.

18 unpainted Bolter Marines; couple jump-packs primed lightly black and all assembled.

2 Black and gold themed Marines; one holding Chaos Glory Banner, with Bolt Pistol in hand while the other is a regular Bolter Marine.

1 Primed white Bolter Marine

9 stripped Bolter Marines, need further stripping as some paint is still there.

1 Primed black Bolter Marine

1 White primed and started to paint blue Bolter Marine.

Marine with Chainsword and Bolt Pistol; slight prime in spots

Aspiring Champion; has Bolt Pistol and Powerfist

Unpainted combi-plasma Bolter Marine

Marine with Powerfist with an close combat arm from a Possessed Marine, I am guessing.

Painted black and gold Aspiring Champion, Powerfist and Bolt Pistol

1 OOP Marine with Lascannon

1 Blue & White Melta-gun Marine

1 unpainted Melta-gunner Marine

2 Chaos Spawns

2 Obliterators

Defiler; assembled but not painted

Rhino; assembled but not painted

First Gen Predator; painted in a nice orange color with sponsons in a nice gold color. Has a old-school Plaguebearer in the turret, can come out, and also has little Nurglings on the tank itself with a Daemonic head with horns bursting out the front of the tank. Pictures can be given upon request.

I do have sprues that come with the Marines, but not Termies, that mainly are Bolt Pistols, a couple of shoulder pads, a Boltgun or two and some extra heads and so forth. I only have one vehicle sprue, that has the spikes and what not to decorate your Chaos vehicles.



For the most part, I do not need anymore 'Gaunts of any kind, or Warriors for the time being. I will specifically state below what I am looking for, and they descend in sense of priority. I do not care if they are painted, assembled, etc; as long as they are in good condition, not torn up or otherwise. I may be subject to rejecting lower prioritized offers, as I really need the listed top models for a upcoming Campaign. Here are my wants:

Hive Guard
Biovores- Wouldn't mind a lot of Spore Mines as well
Tyrant Guard
Any homemade Tervigons or Tyrannofexes; would require pictures

If at all possible, I would like all the bio-morphs and bits to come along with anything that I trade for, as I may need to unassemble and assemble it again in my preference. Thanks for taking a look!
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