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One Rhino (turrets unattached but will ship what was included)
one Kind of converted Land Raider (will post pictures later)
2 Unassembled oblits
15 regular chaos spacee marines (some assembled)
10 khorne berserkers (some assembled)
5 termies (assembled will post details on what weapons they have later
5 possessed chaos space marines
1 Terminator lord (melta and custom built blissgiver)

One battleforce (may be missing some stuff will post contents when I get around to counting them later)

One GW hardback foam case (small) heavily butchered not sure if ill trade this yet for sake of my rep

2 Dawnlord Vyros's
Adeptis Rahn
Ravyn the eternal Light
2 Normal Eiryss's
3 Ghost Snipers
1 House Shyeel Magister
1 narn
1 Nayl
1 Mage Hunter Assassin
2 Arcanists
2 full Dawnguard Invictor Units
1 Dawnguard Invictor UA
1 full Mage Hunter Strike force
1 Mage Hunter Strike Force UA
1 Gorgon
1 Griffon
1 Chimera
2 Partially Magnetized heavy jacks with all parts
1 Phoenix
1 Hydra
(4 heavy jacks in total)
1 Scyrah book Soft cover
1 Scyrah book hard cover
1 MKii rule book soft cover.


Retribution of Scyrah:
Anything but warcasters would be greatly wanted

Blood Angels

Space Wolves

Also im looking for a fast army so I prefer Assualt Marines, Drop Pods, and CCW Dreds to go in the drop pods, however I will take anything so just shoot me a message

Battlefoam bags / trays or sabol bags / trays

If I do trade my scyrah (like 100 points worth of stuff) it will be for a blood angels army, just a heads up, no scyrah for scyrah
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