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H: CSM, Fantasy Goblins W: 40k Orks or $$

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I have the following stuff I'm looking to either sell, or trade for 40k orks.

Oh, and I really want to find that old nurgling giving the middle finger. I'd trade generously for him.

(EDIT) I've deleted some stuff that's been sold.

NIB=New in Box

Fantasy Goblins:

Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins (Like new condition)
Night Goblin Boss with additional Hand Weapon (New)
Night Goblin Boss with Sword and Shield (New)
Night Goblin Shamans x2 (New)
Goblin Rock Lobber (NIB)
Goblin Wolf Chariot (NIB)
Night Goblin Fanatics (New on sprue)
Night Goblins (New on Sprue)
Battle for skull pass (New on Sprue)
-40 Night Goblin Spearmen
-20 Night Goblin Archers
-10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders
-Night Goblin Big Boss
-Night Goblin Shaman
The collectors piece of the two night goblins throwing the fanatic. (New)

Oh, I also have the Tau and Daemonhunters codices.
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In case anyone is worried about buying or trading for already assembled minis, I can honestly say I do a better job then GW. My painting may be average, but I can clean and assemble a mini with the best of 'em. Pics on request.
(Because I don't know what NIB means) Is the Vindicator (NIB) assembled? And how easy would it be to convert the other Vindicator back to the service of the Imperium?
Sorry, NIB is short for new in box. As for the other vindicator, all it would take is a little removal of an icon or two.
Sweet, I got my question wrong on the other one, I don't want it assembled :p How much would you be looking for for each vindicator?
Would you post to the UK and if so what orks/truks etc. would you be wanting for the Chaos marines, raptors and havocs.
Specifically I'd like to trade for some ork bikers, deff dreads, killa kans, mega nobz, or storm boyz. Maybe some trukks too. I'd also prefer to trade for unassembled stuff, but Ill consider all offers.

Oh, and the UK's fine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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