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Hello all, I am looking to sell my Cryx army following a clear out. Its painful to let it go, bu needs must!

Cryx Army for sale - 135 models and all tokens/counters:

Forces of Warmachine: Cryx Softcover
Cryx Faction Deck (2010)

Epic Deneghra (with sculpted base)
Deneghra (with scenic base, well painted)
Epic Asphyxious
Goreshade & Deathwalker
Coven & Egregore
Epic Skarre (sculpted base, ship surface)
Mortenebra & Derilyss

Deathjack (boxed, unassembled)
3x Deathripper (well painted)
Defiler (well painted)
Helljack - Corrupter/Reaper/Slayer (plastic kit, assembled, fully magnetized head, arms etc)
Seether (still boxed, unassembled)
Leviathan (verdigris effects, sculpted crater base)
Harrower (verdigris effects)
3 Nightwretches
2 Stalkers

Units and Solos:
18 Bane Thralls (I was told this, with Tartarus, is pretty potent...!)
10 Bane Knights
10 Mechanithralls
10 Mechanithralls (still boxed/blister, unassembled)
Necrosurgeon and Stich Thralls (still in blister, unassembled)
2 Brutes (1 original model, 1 converted)
Necrosurgeon, 3 Stitch Thralls
21 Scrap Thralls (4 original models, 17 converted from PP and GW parts)
2 Necrotechs
6 Satyxis + Sea Witch
2 Pistol Wraiths
Bloat Thrall
10 Bile Thralls
Machine Wraith
Scarlock (still boxed, unassembled)
Mercenary Gorman di Wulfe, (very useful with Cryx)

Full set of Gale Force 9 Cryx tokens
Foam cases for all the above

I bought all of this collection a couple of years ago and I am finding there simply isn't enough time to do it justice and get into Warmachine alongside all the other games I play and plan to play. Most of the above is painted to a reasonable standard, with other items new and unboxed. I can of course give more detailed descriptions and photos of units if wanted.

I got quite a lot of advice on combo's etc at the time and this all works well together allowing for numerous builds. The retail value when bought was ~£600 but maybe more now, so I am looking to get £300 for the lot.

Thanks for looking and I'm happy to answer any questions.

*EDIT*: After a request and to give a clear view of what's there, I have taken some quick photos of the lot. The full gallery can be found at my Dropbox with a select few below.

Thank you for looking and feel free to ask for any further photos etc - the lighting here is not the best today...!
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