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Let's try again ... no reasonable offer will be refused. Do not ask me for a price. You set what you are comfortable with.

This army has been professionally assembled and painted. Among others and myself GMM studios painted the bulk of the list. Because Orks are used as IG you can run them as platoons or Vets in chimeras. There are plenty of options and it's all WYSIWYG legal IG. I'm divesting myself of all my 40k slowly. This is the last of my big forces and maybe the best.

I will tell you that I have refused an opffer of 350 US already as I think it is too low by far. I have invested over 1200 dollars in this army and I'm not looking to recoup that much but I won't sell it 70% off either. I would need an offer starting at 550+.

If you have any Hordes Trolls I am willing to take them as partial trade. I also am willing - if you are Canadian - to have you paint up my Trolls to a nice standard as payment for the army.


newly done

A rough breakdown
6 bomb squigs ( used as demo charges for sws and marbo)
3 plasma
4 or 5 flamers
6 autocannon teams
1 mortar team
3 or four special characters, special editions and FW ( can use astropath, marbo, commissar, etc.)
around fifty troopers
enough grots and leader for PBS or Penal Legion
1 ork trukk for chimera
2 converted chimeras
1 hellhound
1 fw maticore
2 grot launchers fw as Deathstrikes
2 grot bombers as vendettas
1 converted exterminator w/pask
Around fifty or so troops to be used as either platoons, sws or vets.
Models for Platoon and Company Command
This is close to what I can see. Might have missed something but it's pretty accurate.
so ten tanks/vehicles
lots of specials
lots of weapons to choose
plenty of characters
enough troops to be inventive with your loadouts.
There are many rogue trader troops and grots ( used as loaders on the HWS ), lots of special characters ( weirdboy, sniklkrot, fw pilot, special edition character, etc.)

This is a fantastic looking army. You will not be disappointing and you will find it easy to expand by adding orks w/ any weapons you like. You can easily bring it up to 3000 points with a few more models
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