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Basically i am emigrating fairly shortly and, after collecting GW for the last 15 years, realise i have way too much stuff to take. so, in a series of posts i am offering it all.

I'm taking one army with me, my beloved Space Wolves. Everything else has to go, one way or the other. So if you're interested in any of this stuff, make me an offer, any offer, no matter how ludicrous. Any SW related stuff or pounds (or NZ dollars even) or some other form of barter will considered.

this lot hurts even more than the last, my professionally painted chaos space marine army. i was short listed for best painted army at recent tournament in Birmingham (UK) with these guys...

The army includes:

HQ: Chaos lord in terminator armour
HQ: Chaos lord with a jump pack
HQ: Daemon Prince (the metal one model)
Troops: 2x 5no. khorne berzerkers
Troops: 5no. thousand sons (using converted DA veteran models)
Troops: 8no. Noise marines (6 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster and a champion)
Fast Attack: 2no. chaos spawn (one with a really cool wolf head!)
Heavy: 2no. obliterators

I'm probably looking for around the £100 mark for this lot, but am again open to offers of any kind.

Take a look at the pics and let me know if you're interested

View attachment 7542

View attachment 7543

View attachment 7544

View attachment 7545

View attachment 7546

View attachment 7547

View attachment 7548

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Hey there. I'm interested in the Zerkers. I'm not sure if you wanted to sell this whole army in one go, if so that's cool, but if you're willing to split it up, I would be curious how much for those zerkers. Thanks and good luck.
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