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Please Email questions to [email protected] for quicker response.

I usually start at 35 % off of retail(except vostroyans) and then if you purchase more I begin to take more off sometimes as much as 40- 50%. For bigger groups of models shipping is free. If I have what you want but not what you have... feel free to offer a trade.. if its good enought might trade anyway.

have Voystroyans.. unpaiinted unassembled.. for sale

5 snipers
8 Mortars
7 plasma
7 flamer
6 GL
3 medics
3 vox
10 sgts
60 lasguns
1 First born
1 Command
8 las cannon
6 havy bolters

Other IG

I would entertain trades beyond those listed
54 Catchcan IG gents
3 flamers - catchcan
4 com guys - catchcan
14 catchcans with laspisitol and CC weapons
Pretorian with flamer
pretonian w lasgun
Imperial Guardsmen w/Powerfist 3 (metal catchcan)
Imperial Guardsmen w/Missle launcher 3 (1 mordian, 2 catchcan)
Imperial Guardsmen w/Heavy Bolter 3 (catchcan)
Imperial Guardsmen Heavy Weapon Team 6 (catchcan plastic weapons switchable)
Imperial Guardsmen w/ Autocannon 2 (catchcan metal)
Ratling Snipers 3
Catachan Snipers 2
Tank Crew 6
Missle Loader 2
Heavy bolter loader 2
This ends the trade beyond listed list

Imperial Guard Codex 1
Imperial Armor I (softback)
Chimera 2
Basilisk 3
Leman Russ Demolisher (2 plasma and las cannon)
Leman Russ Exterminator 1
Griffon 1

[Professionally Painted IG Armored COmpany]
1 Vindicator (Pictured below.. all have matching and similar quality paint jobs)
1 Exterminator
3 Normal Leman Russ's
1 Demolisher
4 matching sentinels
2 Matching Chimeras

I would entertain trades beyond those listed
1x nightbringer
1x converted lord (this is an ok conversion and if you want something as a bonus this is iti)
1x codex
1x pariah
5XFlayed Ones (no claws)
This ends the trade beyond listed list

Space Marines
Emp Champion New and Old
Rhinos (2) - NIB
LandRaider - NIB
Bike Squad - NIB
Chaplin - NIB

b]Chaos [/b] - lot for 250 - shipped (one GW cases included for free if whole lot) this lot is worth close to 450
Open to trade for Tomb Kings, Empire, NIB, DkoK - will break lot up

I would entertain trades beyond those listed
5 possessed
Mad scientisht guy – assembled no glue bits (has the human skin robe)
Cyper – primed non gloopy
1 guy with power fist and pistol bat wings on head one wing missing
12 non khorne guys with two pistols and a flamer (primed no gloopy)
1 icon bearer – non primed
Khorne juggernaugh missing one foot
(Terms6 unprimed, 6 primed)
4 terms with storm bolters
1 combi bolter/melta
4 terms w auto cannon
3 terms with flamers
Rhino… four spikes – bumper slightly broke – would need repair
Missing bat wing
Land raider… - 10 spikes broken - (two replacement spike rails)
1 hound
3 Bikes – primed non goopy
12 khorne berzerks unprimed - assembled
This ends the trade beyond listed list

1 boxes empire militia (Assembled)
1 boxes state troops
4 6th ed HTH troops
1 elector count blister
1 wizard
1 ulrican priest
1 elector count of griffon
8 knights

Orcs and Goblins - all are NIB/on sprue
2 chariots
20 orcs with choppas
10 archers
5 goblin wolf boys
1 general on boarback
2 boxes of metal black orcs with 2 hand weapons.
1.5 boxes of metal 2 handed weapon black orcs.
couple of black orc command and 2 hand weapon blisters.
3 river trolls
borgut facebeater

Dogs of War
New Giant - Slave Giant Assembled
Golgofags Ogres - 1 NIB, I out of package
4 birdmen (need work)

20 2 handed gents with command
1 King with horn and back banner
2 organ guns w/crew

1 chaos Dwarf Sorceror (funny bionic legs)

Black Library - open for trades beyond those listed
Annihilation Squad – Gav Thorpe
Blood Bowl – Matt Forbeck
Blood Bowl Dead Ball – Matt Forbeck
Crossfire – Matthew Farrar
Daemon Slayer – William King
Death’s Messanger – Sandy Mitchel
Dragon Slayer – William King
Faith & Fire – James Swallow
Fire Warrior – Simon Spureier
Giant Slayer – William King
Gilead’s Blood – Dan Abnett
Grey Hunter – William King
Grudge Bearer – Gav Thorpe
Kill Team – Gav Thorpe
Necromancer – John Green
Plague Daemon – Brian Craig
Ragnar’s Claw – William King
Sacred Flesh – Robin Laws
Shadow Breed – David Ferring
Skaven Slayer – William King
SPace Wolf – William King
Star of Erengrad – Neil Mcintes
Storm Warriors – Brian Craig
Swords of the Empire – Marc Gascolgne
Taint of Evil – Neil McIntosh
Tainted Blood – Nathan Long
The Ambassador – Graham McNeil
The Bleeding Chalice – Ben Counter
The Dead and the Darned – ohn Brew
Troll Slayer – Danabnett
Ursun’s Teeth – Graham McNeil
Valnir’s Bane – Nathan Long
Vampire Slayer – William King
Warblad – David Ferring
Warrior of Ultramar – Graham McNeil
Way of the Dead – Marc Bascogine
Witch Finder – CL Eerner
Wolfblade – William King

Imperial Guard Vol 1 (HB) and Vol 3, 5
SoB Repressor/Whirilwind
Valkirie Gunship (MSP)
Death Korps of Kreig
Kislev Models
Mordheim Witch Hunters
Empire state troops
Tomb Kings (plastic skele archers/tomb guard)
Baneblade Kit
Tomb Kings Rule book
Warhammer 7th edition Rulebook

Will also trade for NIB Empire, kiislev for Dogs or War, books, or Lord of the Rings. Have New In Box stuff.. make an offer I just might bite.
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