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well im just wanted to see if anyone is interested in any of my models i hve for sale im seliing all my models and might not start again i dont know well heres my list:

space marine's:
15 sniper scouts
5 normal scouts
land speeder storm
converted scout bike to chapter master
command squad
terminator chaplain
rhino (back door is stuck)
all built

imperial guard:
25 cadians
10 is for vet squad then theres 15 normal cadians

grey knights:
stern (pro painted)
10 grey knights (pro painted)
storm troopers (well painted)

lord of the rings:

loads of high elves

some heroes

some are broken with spear's and stuff

anyone interested pm me or post here
anymore info happy to supply
will be looking mainly for cash i might start a new army keep ya posted

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14 pounds p&P included the guy are just basiclly lasguns but i can always take one vet weapon and add to them i got a plasma gun guy sniper rifle or heavy flamer
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