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*Prices do not include shipping*
Warhammer fantasy hardback Daemons of chaos book-$35
5 Imperial Guard Ogryn painted- $75
Imperial Armor Apocalypse second edition -$50
box of bitz- mostly chaos and IG bitz but a random mix of things- $30
1 oop metal daemon prince with no base- $15
5 WOC chaos knights in various stages of painting- $22
12ish of the oop dark eldar warriors- $15
2 chaos spawn primed white -$30
2 AOBR warbosses built- $10

Warhammer Novels: all in good condition and read through once or twice
The Killing Ground Hardcover
Soul Drinkers Omnibus
Tales of the Old World
Eldar Prophecy
Space Wolf Omnibus
The Flight of Eisenstein
Angels of Darkness
Palace of the Plague Lord
Eye of Terror
Atlas Infernal
Sons of Dorn
Redemption Corps
Cain's Last Stand
False Gods
The Armor of Contempt
40k Damnation Crusade Comics #1-6
40k Fire and Honor comic #1
-Take them all for $80

D&D 4th Edition books:
Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead
Monster Manual 1
Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen
-Take all the D&D for $40

Board Games:
Halo Interactive Strategy Game (x2) -$60
Attack!- $20
Chaos in the Old World- $30
Horus Heresy- $50
Settlers of Caanan-25
Settlers of Catan: Struggle for Rome- $40
Shogun- $100

4 105mm German artillery pieces
4 Opel Trucks painted
Panther G platoon NIB
2 Panther A's painted
Blitzkrieg book
Africa book
Fortress Europe book
-Take it all for $220

Inquisitor Rulebook - $20
OOP Dark Angels Codex 4th - $5
OOP Chaos Marine Codex 4th-$5
OOP Eye of Terror-$10
Indes Astartes 2- $40
Dark Heresy Game Master's kit- $10
Deathwatch Game Master's kti- $10
White Dwarf 379 (first part of the SOB codex)-$15
Star wars core rulebook second edition west end games-$10
Star Wars Novels PM me for a list.


Biggest want right now is $$

Warhammer 40K
Aegis defense line NOS or built with quad gun
Plaguebearers (new sculpts preferred)
Pink Horrors (need lots and lots, will trade in your favor for the last edition metal models)
Skullcannon of Khorne
Chaos Warhounds NOS/NIB only
Ork Lootas (need 15-20) not painted otherwise okay
Ork Shoota boyz (need 30) not painted otherwise okay
New Vampire counts Zombie Dragon (NOS only)
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