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Hi guys time for a clear out. Might not be clear but all prices inckude free UK postage.

Books all codice £12 posted (apart from new chaos space marine £22) Planetstrike and Battlemissions £15 ImperialArmour Apocalpyse 2nd ed £22 IA Apoc 2 £20.
DE, CSM, Necron, Space Wolves,-IA Apoc (both) SOLD

Epic epic Ork Army Sold

all new in box/shrink wrapped Tyrant/swarmlord £25, Genestealers £14, Warriors £23, Tyrantguard £12 Broodlord £11

Extra Books
How to paint minis with dvd (never watched) £24 Blood Angel Codex SOLD

All prices include free uk postage
Thanks for looking!
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