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· It looked great on paper.
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I've been on the fence for awhile, but this time I'm going through with it. This army is going on eBay in a week or so, but I thought I'd try through Heresy first!


01 The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host
01 Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike
01 Shadow Captain Korvydae (Forge World)
01 Chapter Master Pedro Kantor
01 Terminator Captain w/2x Lightning Claws
02 Terminator Librarian
02 Jump Pack Librarian
02 Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack and Power Weapon

02 Tactical Sergeants w/Power Fist
02 Tactical Sergeants w/Power Weapon
02 Scout Sergeants w/Power Weapon
03 Devastator Sergeants w/Signum and Bolter
02 Assault Sergeants w/Power Fist

10 Scouts w/Sniper Rifle
18 Scouts w/Combat Blade and Bolt Pistol
18 Tactical Marines w/Bolter

Special Weapons/Devastators:
02 Tactical Marines w/Plasma Gun
03 Tactical Marines w/Meltagun
08 Tactical Marines w/Plasma Cannon
04 Tactical Marines w/Missile Launcher
02 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon

Assault Marines:
14 Assault Marines w/Chainsword and Bolt Pistol
04 Assault Marines w/Chainsword and Meltagun

08 Terminators w/Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
08 Terminators w/2x Lightning Claw
03 Terminators w/Power Fist and Storm Bolter
02 Terminators w/Power Sword
01 Terminator w/Power Fist and Assault Cannon
01 Terminator w/Chain Fist and Storm Bolter

05 Vanguard Veterans w/Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol
03 Sanguinary Guard w/Glaive and Angelus Boltgun
01 Sanguinary Guard w/Glaive, Angelus Boltgun, and Banner
01 Sanguinary Guard w/Power Fist and Angelus Boltgun

03 Rhinos (One has a broken storm bolter.)
141 Models Total

Half of the army is primed black, and half needs to be finished stripped. I had some bad primer, and don't have time to strip the remnants off. With exception to the models that need to be stripped (~40 models) everything is in great condition, with no missing pieces. Some of the halfway stripped models need to have weapons/arms reattached, but they will be included.

Also included will be a large collection of bits, most still on the sprue, including a few Dark Angels upgrade sprues.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, and I'll ship however you want me to.

All of this brand new from GW would be $903.25 unpainted and unassembled, not including the extra bits. I'm asking $650.00 OBO for the whole lot assembled and half primed black. They are playable right now, and a couple hours with a toothbrush and some simple green they'll all be ready to paint however you desire. Reasonable offers will be considered.

I am not willing to part the force out, I'd like to sell the whole thing at once. Feel free to PM me for details/questions. Why am I not selling my Land Raiders? Because I think they'll be useful when the new GK codex eventually comes out! :grin:

Here are some pictures. You can see what needs to be stripped still versus what's already primed black.

· It looked great on paper.
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PMs replied, price lowered.

· It looked great on paper.
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Posted on eBay, link:

edit: eBay link broke, just search item number 160495105904.

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says the listing has been removed, did you sell it already?

· It looked great on paper.
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