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GW takes a hit!!

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If you browse through this site and understand even a bit of economics you can see how badly GW are doing compared to earlier years.:shok:

Why do you think thats so. They say they where "lazy" and didnt listen to consumers!:ireful2:

Use the side bar to go round the 07 report

Seems like a good time to invest!!

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Your right too expensive, but wherent they always? prices rise in lieu with inflation
I agree Gal with some of your points. But have you ever though about.

For example the reason for high inital cost and for forced buying is so that they know its not just one person trying to get there warhammer for cheap and that it is actually a shop.

Also I think we have to realise that GW dont have to sell to anyone at lower prices. i.e. to stockests. Therefore we may be angry but what can we do about it. If you want to play the hobby then you have to buy from them and most of the younger hobbiests would buy from them anyway and therefor makes no difference.

GW is a company, if I was head of GW I would know plenty of ways to make MORE PROFITS but they dont, give them credit:biggrin:
I think we HAVE to realize that GW do NOT PRICE there models on how much materials they use. Its a complex balence of supply and demand along with the future if the hobby.

Using your example how many people do you see using razorbacks compared to rhinos?
Is this because they are more expensive? not really
Because rhinos are cheaper and do there job i.e. people use rhino over razorbacks for their rules.Ok

Now if you end up selling less razorback then you are probably only going to sell them to people who really want the razorback, no subsitute. Right, so its more inelastic. then they can charge more.

The cheaper box set price is to tempt people into not just buying the razorback but also buying some marines to more sell generally is better for them.


rant done:)
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1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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