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GW takes a hit!!

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If you browse through this site and understand even a bit of economics you can see how badly GW are doing compared to earlier years.:shok:

Why do you think thats so. They say they where "lazy" and didnt listen to consumers!:ireful2:

Use the side bar to go round the 07 report

Seems like a good time to invest!!

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to those who are saying the high prices are because of inflation, i'm here to debunk that.

Back in 1987, one could get a box of 30 space marines for 22.99 USD. Since they sell tactical squads in sets of 10 now for 35 USD, 10 marines back then on sprue would virtually have been valued at 7.70 USD. Now, running that through an inflation calculator, starting at 1987, and ending at the 2006 fiscal year, which is the most current one available, we'd only be paying $13.65 USD.

Inflation, my ass.




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i know you're not all idiots, i just wanted to debunk the few who are claiming it was due to inflation, and I was bored, so i decided to see how much it actually would be. Additionally, I never claimed that the prices were bs. My argument was solely based around the inflation claim. I agree that there are other reasons, such as the ones you mentioned above, I was just downplaying inflation.
See, I'm fifteen. I make roughly anywhere from 20-40 bucks a week doing a small-time weekly job I have. When I first got interested in Warhammer 40k, and saw the prices Games Workshop was charging, I almost gave up hope of taking up the hobby. But its been sites like chaosorc.com and thewarstore.net where they give 25% discounts that has enabled me to get into this hobby, and become affordable with a little bit of conservative spending here and there. Games Workshop already made their profit by selling to the retailer, and as long as these independent stores are around, more people like me will be able to get into the hobby, which is why I'm going to continue supporting them.

Unless your parents are buying for you, and honestly, why the hell would they, its pretty damn impossible for a guy to get into this game unless you have some steady and substantial stream of income.
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I've had to been pretty frugal, I'll admit. Ebaying models always helps though.
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