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GW Newsletter: WHFB gamers edition, Empire Soldier's Kitbag and Beastmen Battle Magic

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GW Newsletter said:
Warhammer Gamer’s Edition
The Warhammer Gamer's Edition is a must-have for any Warhammer General. Packed with the instruments of war it includes: the Warhammer rulebook, eight Warhammer Skull Dice, the Warhammer Template Set and the Warhammer Counter Set, all of which is contained within a heavy canvas pack.

An Empire Soldier’s Kitbag
The Gamer's Edition comes with a unique Empire Soldier's kitbag. The bag has a main section and interior pocket, perfect for transporting the Warhammer rulebook, Warhammer Armies books, counters, templates, dice, ranging equipment and the assortment of paper and pens every gamer carries to war. What's more, the bag is a genuine Warhammer artefact - it's inscribed with the symbol of Karl Franz and has Empire coins as buttons.

Beastmen Battle Magic
The Beastmen's Lore of the Wild spell deck is the first in a number of army-specific Battle Magic cards. Beastmen players should be quick though, as, unlike the core deck, these will only be on shelves while stocks last.

Warhammer Battle Magic: Beastmen
Warhammer Battle Magic: Beastmen contains seven cards that detail all of the spells from the Beastmen Lore of the Wild spell deck. These large format cards are only available while stocks last - advance order your deck today.
The Gamer's Edition looks pretty cool. I don't know about the spell cards though, I'm not a fantasy player, so correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the spells included in the army books?
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those templates look good and all but i think they will break very easy and with all the spikes and stuff it will be hard to see who is under the template and who is not.
as for the crc it handy but its cheaper and easier to use dice its the same with the counters.
the dice look good but if you want to pay 10 euro for eight dice its your choice.
so the only thigs i find useful and woth it to buy if you want to have good looking things are the arc indicator and the magic cards
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