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GW Forgiers?

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I was going through my Skaven last night and noticed that about 30 of the clan rats (old style) and Rattling Guns are a odd white plastic (resin) look to them... this was out of a lot I picked up about a year/two years ago but just now noticed this.. posiblly was an e(vil) bay purchase... Was/Has this been an issue where someone just copied a bunch of GW models and sold them online? When I researched it some I found a you tube video on how to create molds outof existing figures... and it seems like someone might have done just this.. I am going to go back through my ebay purchases when I get home form work and try and find if/when/who i purchased these off of...
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If you have a plastic ratling gun, congratulations, you have a forgery.

If you have resin Skaven, they're also a forgery. You can tell by the consistency and hardness of the plastic-- GW plastic has been pretty consistent over the years, but resin can vary from piece to piece, and is noticably lighter both in color and in weight than the plastic GW uses in their injection molds.
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