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To The Dark Tower Came
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Hi everyone, my first attempt at a 1000 points army.

Vampire - 184
Fear incarnate, Aura of dark Majesty
Talisman of endurance, Heavy armour

Necromancer - 65

34 Skeletons - 225
Command, Screaming banner

35 Zombies - 115
Musician and standard

5 Dire Wolves - 40

Terrorgheist - xxx

The vampire would go in the Skeletons and the Necromancer with the Zombies.
I have about 146 points left for special, was thinking either:
3x Spirit Hosts
3x Vargheists
or finding 4 points and taking 5 hex wraiths (probably drop the zombie musician for the spare points.
What do you think is the best option?

thanks in advance,
The Gunslinger

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Dave hit it on the head. Spirit hosts w/ their Ethereal rule can be the biggest pain. They can basically negate oppponents' chaff units and hold up medium sized units for a couple of turns while reinforcements arrive. And in smaller games this is magnified as, unless you're playing against a daemon army, magical attacks are few and far between. Taking 3 at 1K you could do them all solo or drop 2 in a unit and 1 solo. Though, obviously your list needs to reflect this. I'd be inclined to just take 2, get more zombies w/ the left over points, and then create 2 units of zombies for more unit saturation. And remember, your zombies are always going to be growing at 2d6+lvl with Invocation. Hold them back a bit and let them grow. They won't kill a whole lot. Use their static combat resolution to do the work for you while the big bat screams in from a flank or the vamp's unit counters to let the vamp go crazy in HtH.
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