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The 2nd part of Guilliman Heresy. I got so much positive feedback on the Blood Angels so all I can say is thank you! I really hope you like this one as well and if you have any ideas for what you have for the other legions please tell me. So with without further wait:

Iron Warriors



When the primarchs were created and scattered across the galaxy, Perturabo landed on the rugged mountain world of Olympia. The infant was discovered climbing the mountains underneath the city state of Lochos. The guards brought him before the man called Dammekos, the Tyrant of Lochos. Dammekos was intrigued by the child and brought Perturabo in and treated him as family. Perturabo never trusted the Olympians and refused all affection given to him by his adoptive father.

Then six years after Perturabo had been adopted, his father was killed. At the time Perturabo had been hunting, so the young primarch was unharmed. As soon as he heard, Perturabo returned home as fast as he could. Apparently Dammekos had been betrayed by his brother, the Lord Cavius. Perturabo vowed to track down and kill his adoptive rogue uncle and avenge his father’s death.

After three months of hunting the mountain area around Lochos, Perturabo finally found Cavius with the help of his deceased fathers guards. The rogue lord was hiding in the walled city of Stena and had made use of his status as lord to brand the young primarch as the Tyrants murderer. Instead of retreating, Perturabo instead prepared the Military of Lochos to lay down their lives by laying siege to Stena while he and a selection of elite guards snuck around and entered through the other side.

The furious Perturabo struck down his father’s betrayer as he laughed on the ramparts at the dying warriors. As Perturabo’s elite warriors killed the other guards with the rouge lord, Perturabo listened as the sound of high-pitched screaming filled the air and watched as a giant iron behemoth flew from out of the clouds and landed in front of the giant metal gate. As Perturabo walked across the city he gave any enemy guards they met the option to ‘surrender or die’. As Perturabo stood in front of the great behemoth, it opened revealing a tall man clad in golden armour with an air of unlimited power. Perturabo knew who this was as soon as he laid eyes on him and submitted himself to the mercy of the almighty Emperor, Perturabo’s true father. The Emperor immediately gave Perturabo command of the IV legion, the Iron Warriors, and assisted his son in removing the rest of the corrupted power of Olympia before heading back to the Great Crusade with another son beside him.

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