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this is my attempt at creating my own chapter and here is the fluff behind the chapter, there may be spelling and grammatical mistakes as its still incomplete, after all my chapter has only just came out of its founding :)

just looking for the opinions of some other people to maybe rat out problems with it and maybe crack down on the more unfeasible ideas but hope its good


Created out of the turmoil that was the first war of Armageddon came the self named Guardians of Cadia. The chapter of space marines was the response from the imperium to the overwhelming forces displayed in front of them in the war against the daemons on Armageddon. The gene seed used for the chapter comes from an unknown source as the Guardians have been denied access to who they are descendant from due to fears from officials that they may turn traitor due to their exposure to corruptive force of chaos. Another possible explanation for the unknown nature of the gene seed is that it is from a recently wiped out chapter. The original recruits selected for the chapter were all Cadian veterans of the attack on Armagedon, to try and calm the leadership of the space wolves who believed that the enslavement of the Cadian forces was unjust, as the imperium would crumble if an attempt at purging the Space Wolves was made. Those chosen were men who had shown superior battle prowess against the daemon and chaos hordes and survived, a story few lived to tell. The recruits when first called upon by the High Lords of Terra were drafted from the work camps that the Cadian defenders had been enslaved into. Forty new recruits. The new recruits took time to recover from their ordeal in the slave labour camps. Those who regained their strength quickly embarked on an arduous trip to Fenris to pay homage to the Emperor for creating Leman Russ the Primarch of the Space Wolves, who without they would all surely be dead. Some who visited Fenris vowed to make the Space Wolves proud of the men they saved from the chaos hordes by returning to Fenris once more after their training had been completed and taming the mightiest of beasts...a thunder wolf.

The wary giant​

Unbeknown to all but the Guardians of Cadia's leadership that the chapter often has dealings with the inquisition and sisters of battle ensuring the chapters loyalty to the emperor and that any who were even suspected of treason will be quickly put to death. The suspicion is due to the possibility of the Guardians turning to chaos because of their exposure to it on Armageddon. To remind the Guardians of Cadia who they are loyal to there is a permanent deployment of Sisters of Battle on the Guardians home planet of Mionax IV and Death Cult assassins often accompany the chapter's legions on missions especially those that venture into the warp, when they are permitted. Other disciplinary actions include the public execution of captured traitor marines by Sisters of Battle repentia squads and often other traitor marines are forced to execute their brethren in front of the Guardians.

The Home planet​

The planet of Mionax IV was wiped out by a chaos attack that preceded the invasion of Armageddon. When the Mionax system was invaded only a single battalion of Imperial guardsmen stood in defence of the entire system. By the end of the battle every last guardsman had been massacred by the horde of chaos and the system lay in ruins. soon after the defeat of chaos the system began to be rebuilt. the destruction had uncovered a single minor STC, detailing a new variant of lasgun and was viewed as a low priority STC. The Guardians of Cadia decided to build upon Mionax IV due to its close proximity to Armageddon and its proximity to agri-worlds.

Internal Divisions

The two distinct sides creates friction within the chapter and it often seems that civil war may break out in the chapter at any moment as those who follow the cadian route blame the Space Wolves for not doing more whereas those who follow the ways of the wolves think that their armoured counterparts are old fashioned and too much like the Imperial Guard to fight effectively in the eradication of chaos. Despite its split in opinion the chapter still pulls most of its recruits from the slave labour camps on Armageddon as the leadership, split as it may be, only agree on two things, some of the finest fighting men in the galaxy are in those camps and that the forces of chaos must be destroyed, an idea that is almost certainly all that is stopping all out war breaking out within the chapter. The chapters divide is mostly displayed in their behavior when not on deployment, often brawls will break out within the citadel of the Guardians often seeing recruits being killed and fully fledged marines seriously wounded, in fact several dreadnoughts have been built just from the wounded of such fights. The split can be seen in the two sides armours, those who follow the path of the wolves have the standard unmodified armour whereas those who follow the path of the cadians have one of their shoulders painted a dark green to honor those guardsmen who fell on armageddon this difference is also seen in their armoured units with parts of the armour being painted green for the same reason.

cadian branch
Guaridan of Cadia (cadian branch).jpg

wolves branch
Guardian of Cadia (wolves branch).jpg

Despite being a space marine chapter many women are within the citadels walls but not as marines. The citadel has a full complement of Imperial guardsmen, mostly drawn from Armageddon and Fenris by the chapter to supplement the chapters defences. Both sides of the division have great respect for those who serve in the Imperial Guard as they were all there at one point, digging holes in the dirt hoping to survive the next volley of enemy bullets.


whilst the men in the imperial guard regiment are granted the honor of becoming space marine scouts and later full marines women who prove themselves in battle on operations with the Guardians of cadia do get a higher status within the chapter and are trained into the Honor guard of the leaders taking on the guise of death cult assassins in a futile attempt to show the inquisition that the chapter is whole and pure.

Fighting the Enemy​

Regardless of who in the chapter is going into battle with the army enters into battle in silence, not even the thunder wolves make a noise. The guardians do this out of respect for those who have fallen at their side be they guardsman or marine alike. Often the first noise to be heard when entering into battle is the sky shattering crack of a volcano cannon salvaged from the battlefields on Armageddon. To symbolise the fact those who are dead may be gone but their legacy lives on in the chapter as both marines and as Cadians. Although this is more true of the Cadian side of the chapter than the wolves side of it but both do it out of respect for their chosen inspiration and the Emperor.

Despite having an unrelenting hatred of chaos it was decided that because of the exposure to chaos on Armageddon they shall only fight chaos when they have to and due to this it is very rare that the guardians ever are deployed against chaos, often fighting both eldar and dark eldar and on occasion tyranid splinter fleets. This often infuriates the leadership of the chapter, who swore to make sure his dying breath was choking one of the chaos commanders to death with nothing more than his bare hands.

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Couple of things:

-Because of the way implants work, most aspirants are taken into Space Marine chapters around the ages of 10-14. The Armageddon veterans and members of whatever regiments the Guardians of Cadia recruit from would all have to be practically children.
-Another complication with recruiting from regiments is that the leadership of the Departmento Munitorum, the organization which ultimately runs the Imperial Guard, would probably not be happy with Space Marines stepping all over their regiments.

-The Inquisition sent the populace of Armageddon and the soldiers who fought there to work camps so that they could die there, without the knowledge of Chaos there spreading. Continuing to recruit from the labor camps would A. run counter to that goal, and B. would not produce many fine candidates, since whoever they take from there are likely to be malnourished and weak, not the mighty warriors they could pick elsewhere.

-It is highly likely that the Inquisition, who keep such a close watch on the Guardians of Cadia, would not tolerate such a violent internal division within the chapter. They might force a change of leadership in the chapter - and if they don't, the High Lords of Terra will for certain, and their attack dogs, the Minotaurs chapter, would do so with a lot less...finesse...than an Inquisitor might have.

-By "minor STC", I assume you're referring to an STC template, since working STCs are nigh-mythical. In any case, the Adeptus Mechanicus would still be all over it; to them, there are no "minor" STC templates.

-I'm not sure it's such a good idea to have the Sisters of Battle guard the Chapter, since the Sisters are also the standing army of the Ecclesiarchy. They're likely to take issue with the Chapter cult as well...your call on whether or not you want to keep them.

It's a lot of work, but I think you could make something really great. I would also start thinking about how they regard the Codex Astartes, their preferred tactics/specialty, their Chapter beliefs and cult, notable members of the Chapter, and any notable battles. These will prove critical in establishing the character of the chapter.

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Thanks for all the advice
I do want it to have come out of the first was of Armageddon as I'm currently fighting wolves and I want to use that battle as a source for the creation of the chapter plus the age might not be a problem after all cadian recruits may have been deployed on Armageddon and they may have been as young as 14 after all in the later stages of the battle if you could walk and carry a weapon you will have fought

I will change the source of the recruits but I want a strong cadian link between the chapter and cadia plus I want the link to the space wolves to it but I know I can't use their gene seed as it is too unstable plus I also like the idea that they aren't viewed as particularly trustworthy by the inquisition to the point they are suspicious enough of them to warrant constant vigilance

I may do it that the chapter prefers to develop their own weapons rather than relling on the forge worlds for supply and I know that innovation is frowned upon so could this warrant the observation, I don't know

On the basis of the two sidedness of the chapter I want to keep that, I might reign it in a bit, maybe the odd brawl and some are mortally wounded by accident or something like that because I know that i dont want to have marines that favour fast attack and others that favour armour getting along. On the note of sisters of battle they aren't guarding the chapter more a police force ensuring the loyalty of the chapter and as a quick response army to quell any rebelliousness within the chapter.

In the ways of tactics it's going to be shock tactics using heavy tanks, drop pods, thunderwolf cavelry etc as their main fighting force to smash the enemy into submission so not sure how that sits with the codex
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