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Guardian heavy weapons

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Hello all,

I have recantly had a disscussion/argument with a Gw staff member about Guardian heavy weapon platforms, i think they are good and add a much needed boost in fire power to the squads but this guy in Gw said the complete oppopsite.

I quote "they rubbish and to expensive for what they do, they cant even embark in Wave serpants". Is he wrong? or do some of you budding players out there agree? I on the other hand do not think they are to expensive and with the option to embark transports along with the squad, i think they make for great objective sitters.

Your oppinions if you please.
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The old Codex didn't allow embarked platforms, plus they were optional. New codex they are mandatory so they may embark.

Take Scatter Lasers. With BS of 3 you need a high rate of fire to actually achieve much with them.

My rule of thumb is:

Transport Dire Avengers
Footslog Guardians

An Avatar is worth it's weight in gold in a footslogging Guardian army! :victory:
Well I run 40 of them with 4 Scatters Lasers and they took me to Ard Boyz 2nd round two years in a row. They are hard to beat for 95 points.
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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