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Guardian heavy weapons

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Hello all,

I have recantly had a disscussion/argument with a Gw staff member about Guardian heavy weapon platforms, i think they are good and add a much needed boost in fire power to the squads but this guy in Gw said the complete oppopsite.

I quote "they rubbish and to expensive for what they do, they cant even embark in Wave serpants". Is he wrong? or do some of you budding players out there agree? I on the other hand do not think they are to expensive and with the option to embark transports along with the squad, i think they make for great objective sitters.

Your oppinions if you please.
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Yes Guardians and there platform can enter any transport proving it has enought room to hold all the GUARDIANS and any Warlocks that may be with them. Once again half the GW staff can't play there own f-ing game.

On a side note. I find that most eldar players are in 2 catagorys. They eaither love Guardians or they love Dire Avengers. I'm in the former as i run foot slogging armys so i need the range of those platforms...that and Scatter lasers are god!!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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