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I've been pretty busy since i got back from the gt so haven't had time to do one my self. Anyone out there who would like to write a report of there GT then that would be great as i love reading about others experiences at these things.

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Here's my work in progress: Warning! Long!

OK, a top but knackering weekend. I'm feeling sufficiently awake now so I'd better get it all down before I forget everything.My list:

Autarch on jetbike, mandiblasters, fusion gun, laser lance

6 Fire Dragons in:
Wave Serpent, twin-linked Shuriken cannons, additional Shuriken cannon, Spirit stone, Vectored engines
6 Harlequins inc. Shadowseer, all with Harlequins kiss

5 Pathfinders
5 Pathfinders

8 Warp Spiders inc. Exarch with additional Deathspinner

Fire Prism, Shuriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit stone
Fire Prism, Shuriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit stone
Falcon, Scatter laser, additional Shuriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit stone

I wasn't feeling particularly confident and thought I might get top 50 if I played well. So, I rock up on Saturday morning hungover and after a dose of Techno in the car to face:

Game 1: Chris Barrass-Iron Warriors. Gamma Cleanse

Only learnt afterwards that he won Heat 3 . Didn't know at the time otherwise I would have been a bit more cautious.
Chumped myself on terrain sizes, I thought there was enough size 3 down the sides to be OK, however we played Cleanse so I had a large open expanse with only one piece of Size 3 to fly across vs something like:

Flying lord with choppy death
3x 1 Oblits (1 Deep-struck)
3x 5 man Las (plas?) squads
1x 6 man dual plasma
1x 5 man Heavy bolter/plasma
3x Las/Bolter Preds, dozers
1x Indirect Defiler

He deployed the preds, oblit and 2 las squads in a big forest in his quarter, defiler behind it. Dual plas, h. bolter/plas and a lascannon went in the 4+ size 3 piece near the centre.
I deployed the tanks behind a massive forest in my quarter, harlies 6" from the centre behind a building, Spiders and Autarch right on the bottom quarter edge trying to get behind a hill and snipe his central squads while avoiding Pred shots and being inside indirect range. Rangers claimed one quarter and the other one went in central 4+ cover for snipage (scout moves=ace). I went first so got the tanks moving.

So, my plan pretty much worked, my Prisms stuck in my half of the board sniping things from outside of 48", the Harlies and Autarch got into the rocky squads after the Spiders and Ranger softened them up and then got into the wooded lascannon squads and ate them too. The rangers also accounted for 2 lone Oblits with AP1 shooting.
Chris couldn't move from his firebase because my mobility and firepower from range was so much and I carefully used the central size 3 rocks to hide from most of his lascannons. He had to sit there and try and shoot the few targets available, but as these were mostly 2+ cover Pathfinders it wasn't very useful.
This allowed my to claim both side quarters and get up close and personal with my combat units. Not for the last time, the Harlequins and Autarch ripped through small static chaos marine squads and isolated oblits like a dose of plague. I also managed to ping 2 out of 3 preds from range with my Prisms and destroy the Defiler with Falcon shooting. 7 S6 and 2S8 shots is pretty useful.
His daemon prince did get into my Warp Spiders and waste them and then the Fire Dragons because I got cocky and pushed too far forward, but I got him down to 2 wounds with Falcon fire and the Autarch polished him off with a fusion blast and lance to the face. The high I, WS and S of the Autarch proved its worth here.
At the end of the game I held both side quarters and all Chris had left was a single Pred.
Its definitely worthwhile noting however, that Chris' dice were appalling. His preds couldn't hit or glance and he failed 3 out of 3 vehicle Obscured rolls. I on the other hand kept rolling Glancing sixes, got 4 rends from 3 Harlequins etc. To his credit he was a very nice guy to play against and didn't grumble in the face of terrible luck. A massacre to me, somewhere in the realms of +1650.

Feeling rather chuffed with that, onto game 2. Chris Cooke with, you've guessed it, Iron Warriors! Omega Secure and Control
He had something like:

Flight Lieutenant with gubbins, Wind of chaos and homer.
3x 2 Oblits
Infiltrating 6 man dual plasma combat squad
Infiltrating 6 man las squad
Las squad?
8 man Tank-hunting Autocannons (Doh!)
8 man Heavy bolter
8 man Heavy bolter

Heavily wooded board with one piece of 4+ cover in a corner, 3 loot counters evenly and centrally spread. Definintely favoured me as I had oodles of Size 3 to hide behind and avoid his static power. As I thought he mostly castled hard in the 4+ cover on my right, but with 2 lots of Oblits and the infiltrating combat squad on my left and a a lascannon squad infiltrated centrally. I put my Harlies opposite corner and both of the Pathfinders went in front of the harlies and 12" away from his combat squad. He went first. First turn I managed to snipe an oblits, but he couldn't really see much. Rapid fire killed a Pathfinder. turn 2 I got almost everything on on my left and well away from his castle. Operation 'death by a thousand cuts' proceeded to fail to kill anything except an oblit and a marine on the left, although the Warp Spiders did ravage the central lacannon squad.
The rangers then predictable got wasted and he consolidated into the second squad just behind. Damn. his Basilisk came on behind his castle away from me and the flight lord realised that he'd probably best stay from the large amount of firepower on my left so hid centrally with a heavy bolter havoc squad. The Autocannon squad shuffled forward but couldn't see a damn thing. Pathfinders held combat, so next turn the Harlies bounced into the marines and wiped them out. Everything shuffled round the left out of sight of the anti-tank and wiped the oblits down to 1. The Fire Prism turboed 24" to get behind a wood in his D-zone.
Chris then managed to pound the Spiders with Autocannons and kill them dead. Crap, thought I. His single oblit hid behind the central objective wood to avoid Prism cannonage. The final oblits deep struck next to the HQ homer, but only shook a prism.
The rest of the game consisted of me using terrain to fire on static squads and a healthy assault deterrent that allowed me to hold onto 2 objectives. I only exposed my tanks to heavy bolters and with the death of all the oblits and avoiding the autocannons I was pretty much immune. Especially as I nailed the Basilisk with a length of the back board edge Prism shot. Chris had to move a lascannon squad to try and contest the central objective, but concentrate firing and an Autarch charge put paid to that.
In the end I'd lost a Wave Serpent and 2 units of Pathfinders. He had the autocannons and either 1 or 2 heavy bolter squads left. I held 2 objectives to his one. I won by about 1000 or a bit more.
Again, Chris was a extremely nice guy to play. He played in the right spirit and was up for a laugh and a joke.

OK, onto game 3. I was very relieved to see the name of Nigel Atkinson on my table. After hearing some top table horror stories in the past, I knew this would be a good game.
Gamma level Seek and Destroy. Nige had:

Chaplain - jump pack
3 maybe 4 squads with las/plas heavy bolter/plas
6 assault marines
Dread - ML/ Lascannon
2 x tornados
Landspeeder H. Bolter

We set up, I had everything on my right flank hiding as much as possible apart from a lone prism, Autarch and Fire Dragon Serpent hiding on the cover sparse left. Nige lined up mostly right-centre. My Pathfinders went on the right to hopefully ping the assault and tac squads opposite.
to my great delight I managed to roll night fight first turn, which pretty much saved my bacon. Nige's shooting first turn was either ineffective or couldn't see. He may have stunned a prism or Falcon. He also moved his Vindi forward to try and get a shot next turn.
In reply I got everything moving, my Warp Spiders heading down the hard right behind a hill and massacring a scout squad. I think I luckily blew a lascannon off a pred at this point and my Autarch cheekily immobilised and stunned the Vindicator before bouncing behind terrain.
Once I was mobile, nige had problems. He couldn't do much to my tanks and he couldn't risk throwing his speeders forward as he knew full well what Spiders do to them. The next turn my Spiders got into the side Arc of a Predator and blew off its lascannon. Result! He was now down to plasma and assault cannons to get my tanks.

Nige managed to get some of my spiders with the cheeky Typhoon launcher over a few turns and his assault squad moved forward to try and get into my right hand firebase and the Pathfinders that had been killing and pinning his tac squads. The middle turns saw me remove the speeders with Wave Serpent and Falcon firing (13 S6 shots is bad for speeder!) His assault squad got munched by the quins after munching my Fire Dragons that had failed to take out a pred (their Serpent showed how it was done and nailed it in the side!) and his seperated Chaplain managed to roll a 4 on 3D6 leaving him just out of charge range of the Pathfinders. He then got killed off by the remaining spiders.

Meanwhile on the left flank the Prism had been busy throwing pies into Nige's tacs before the Autarch got into them and killed off a few before taking a plasma shot to the face. By the last 2 turns there was nothing to take on my skimmers so I danced around taking long range shots into what was left, taking out an immobile predator and knocking some squads below scoring.
He had a tac squad and typhoon left scoring IIRC and maybe half a tac squad elsewhere. I'd lost half a unit of Spiders (non-scoring), the Fire dragons and the Autarch. This made it a pretty big win.
Having met Nige previously but having never played him, I knew it would be a hard game but damn good fun, as it proved to be. As soon as the guy your playing says about how its just a game of toy soldiers at the end of the day, you know its going to be a good laugh!

Rather chuffed with the days gaming, I retired to the bar on 9 points and a VP difference of about +4000 for a night of furious drinking and larks!

More later.

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This one game everything got nailed in one turn. Then a cockthirster took it upon himself to kill all my infantry. Where's the heart?
Come on, those 3 scout were alive at the start of turn 4. big up the scouts

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There's more:

Onwards!! After a night of top notch drinking in which I ended up talking drunken rubbish to a load of different players, taking part in Flame On!'s ignominous second boatrace loss :shock: , gasping in amazement at my wife's ability to down pints and drinking the most of a bottle of whisky with Craig from the Irish contingent back at the hotel, I staggered blearily into WHW still drunk on Sunday morning.
I found that I was on table 3 playing Alejandro Martin Fernandez. His army can be found here:


So, my 3 IW opponent. Luckily it turned out that Alex had been out with the other Spanish guys to Rock City, so at least I wasn't the only drunk at the table. The mission was Omega Recon.
Alex set up his Heavy bolter havocs and las squad on the right in 4+ cover, with another bolter havoc squad in the open more centrally. He then infiltrated a lascannon squad centrally on my board edge and another on the left.
I set up the harlies on the right behind terrain and infiltrated Pathfinders in front of them and the other squad in 4+ on the left near his other squad.
He got first turn and advanced towards my left hand Pathfinders killing one. Everything else couldn't see. My Pathfinder shot a lascannon squad guy on the right and the Harlies shuffled forward ready to charge next turn. My other pathfinder did bugger all.
Reserves, his DP came on behind his right castle, and a unit of 3 Oblits came down near my Pathfinders to heavy bolter them. They then got butchered in combat.
I got pretty much everything on, charging my Autarch into his squad on my board edge. This combat went on for about 3-4 turns until he finished them off :roll: . The Prisms tried going for his oblits but he passed all of his saves, as he did for most of the game :evil: and the Dragons went for immediate oblit killing duty. They fluffed it and only killed one. The only bright spark was the harlies getting into the heavy bolter squad and killing a few and the Spiders getting rid of the infiltrating lascannon squad.
Next turn more oblits come on and shook my tanks. The DP barrelled into the harlies who fluffed it and got munched.
Rest of the game, I managed to kill his DP with the Falcon through sheer volume of shots and failed saves and managed to get rid of a unit of Oblits that Deep Struck. I also nearly got my spiders into his D-zone but last turn Alex won the game. He knocked the spiders below scoring and his Oblits in the castle got a double 6, bringing my Falcon crashing down. Neither of us had any mission scoring units as we only managed 5 turns each (mission didn't get announced until half an hour into playing time :roll: ). Retrospectively I should have pushed my prisms forward more to score, but I wanted to kill those Oblits and we only got the 5 turns. Would have been interesting to see how it went if we got the full game as it was very much in the balance.

I'd lost a Falcon, half a unit of Spiders, 1 unit of Pathfinders, Autarch (lascanon to the face), harlequins and the Fire Dragons.
He'd lost a unit of 2 Oblits, 2 lascannon squads, half of both havocs and another lascannon squad and the DP.
It ended up being a minor win to him by a difference of about 260 points.
Good game, I thought I was up on points until the last turn, but those Oblits kept passing their cover and invulnerable saves and he cunningly hid all of his depleted squads so I only got half points for them
Alex was a nice guy to play, his English wasn't brilliant (which he apologised for at the start), but we still had a laugh and he played a damn good game.

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What a quality GT final. Definately the most fun i've had with my clothes on for quite some time. So i suppose i'd better give you guys the low down.

Game 1 Vs world eaters.

This is the army that won best best army and in my opinion, rightfully so, it was really very good. FalcesImperatoris from the Bristol Vanguard.

Gamma cleanse sees him setting up 2 squads of beserkers and a choppy lord behind some cover, close to the centre and a defiler in the tip of his corner.

In return i surround his army with nasty skimmers and Kroot.

I should take the opportunity to tell everyone that i play against world eaters a lot at home and so was fully prepared for what to expect.

I did my best to take out 1 squad a turn and succeeded in killing a full squad of beserkers turn 2. I sent a railhead after the defiler and also dropped a commander suit to take pot shots at it.

Bloodletters and the thirster made an appearance and caused a few hairy moments. One squad, along with the choppy lord charged a Kroot squad and pooned it for 2 dead letters the other squad had a crack at a devilfish's rear armour. Few hairy moments resulted as i moved everything into double tap range for a balls out attempt at the bloodthirster. Bit of a gamble but it paid off and he thirsted no more. I also finished off the blood letters. beserkers got stuck into the other Kroot squad and also finished off a crisis commander, whilst the choppy lord got stuck into some fire warriors, as i'd misjudged the distance slightly. A rail to the face saw him off though. With the final turn of the game i finally finished off the defiler that had been brawling with my Hammerhead all game.

Final result, all his army is dead except for one super awesome rugged beserker who definately needs to add his armourer to his xmas card list. I also have all 3 quarters.

Very fun game, if a little one sided and the guy was a great sport throughout - lots of laughs.

Game 2

Vs Salamanders Omega loot counters.

Up to the dizzy heights of table 5 against one of the Lion's den lads. We get 5 loot counters which we spread evenly across the board.

I set up a squad of broadsides and 2 Kroot squads completely hidden, he sets up his entire army.

So with essentially 2 free turns of movement he advances his army. Sporadic return fire emerges from the Tau position who venture just out of hiding. One Kroot double tap at point blank range ends 3 terminators whilst railguns are starting their work on the others. As the marines move close to a central piece of hard cover the Kroot move into it from behind and begin to pour it on as crisis suits, hammerheads and broadsides kill all the terminators and speeders. Firewarriors also pummel a tactical squad.

A dev squad and the terminator chaplain manage to slip through the net though and poon the FWs and the broasdsides in cover. When i get the chance i fire at them and reduce them to none scoring.

My stealths have slowly made their way up my mostly deserted left flank and have just gone to town on an unsupported las plas squad holding an objectives who can do nothing to stop their incessant torment from the battlesuits. Turn 6 the stealths finish them off and move in to capture their objective.

Final tally:

He has left:
2 dev marines,
A full dev squad and a wounded terminator Chaplain

I've lost:
Broadsides, both squads of Kroot, Fire warriors, and a Hammerhead.

I also have 1 more objective.

Yarrrr! Great game, loads of fun and plenty of laughs.

Game 3 - Vs Iron Warriors

Table 4, gamma seek and destroy.

Well what can i tell you, this guy really wanted to win. He wanted to make all the terrain size 2 (So he could hide everything turn 1 then blast me to crap) which was of course argued and we eventually came to a compromise.

He won the turn for sides and picked the one with some cover, leaving me 2 tiny woods and a level 2 hill to deploy my army in front of his 4 heavy support and 9 obliterators.

It came time to infiltrate and i won the roll. I deployed a Kroot conga line to prevent him from setting up in any 4+ cover, he deployed a havoc squad facing the HHs. I measuerd 12" from his basilisk, realised i could deplot there without being seen and turned away to reach for my stealth suits. As i turn back to the table he's frantically deploying a dev squad in those woods i've just measured - also directly opposite the majority of my army which is inside minimum range of his basilisk. "What the hell are you doing?" asks i. "I change my mind, i change my mind" in bad english. "I don't care you've had your choice, it's my turn now and that's where i'm deploying" "No, i not finish, i change my mind." So on and so forth. I can see that short of going roung the table, removing his models and breaking his humourless 12 year old face he's not going to budge. When they handed out sportsmanship this guy was painting obliterators.

So i gave in and just thought, bugger it. 3 turns later and all he's done is roll dice, all i've done is remove models because there's no escape from the gunline and i go to the bar with a very nasty taste in my mouth.

This guy didn't want a game, he just wanted some points and wasn't fussy how he got them. He essentially cheated and i got massacred. Not to say he wouldn't have won, had he not - he is by reputation a very good player but it would most certainly have been closer and at least we would have had what i call a game.

He didn't crack a smile once, tried it on with every little thing and when i tried to introduce him to Alex at the end of the game he just walked away.

Anyway a dissapointing end to a very good day.

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On to game 4...

Rolled in on Sun morning with a bad head and hopes of a good guy to play to balance up the previous horrible experience. I couldn't have wished for a better opponent. I played one of the lion's den lads with his nightlords. A very balanced but hard list.

Speed prince
2 oblits
3 las plas squads
heavy bolter devs,
2 defilers
4 bikes
7 furies
8 furies

Chatting across the table exchanging tales of the night's carnage we both discussed the terrain and both reckoned that the terrain was more stacked on one side than the other and before the mission was even decided, called a ref over to re-arrange it to make things fairer and a better game.

Omega recon was decided and we set to it. I deployed my broadsides centrally and also deployed a squad of Kroot in he woods in front of them to deny his infiltrating squads any 4+ cover in my pants. He set up in and behind terrain on his flanks with well sited heavy weapons to cover the main fire lanes. He also took a big gamble and deployed a las/plas infiltrate squad out in the open nice and close. My last Kroot squad went in a big wood to the left.

As the game got underway i stayed nice and hidden and took shots at the las/plas squad nearby. I failed to kill them all though and the next thing i know my broadsides are under assault from furries! Argh! Lol. After a drawn combat my Kroot got stuck in, along with a crisis commander and sent them back to the warp. I advanced hard down the left, limiting what could shoot at my skimmers and pummelled his flank which totally collapsed. Attempting to repeat my earlier trick with the stealths he shot the snot out of them at 27" away due to some good night vision rolls. They decided discretion was the better part of valour and legged it.

I advanced my left hand kroot squad for his D-zone in an olympic ring formation and they killed the daemon prince with their "Duck rifles" and much hilarity ensued. I then took long range pot shots at his army, reucing each one to none scoring in turn whilst avoiding his bikes. I finally got a long range 6ft shot at a defiler and my railhead did me proud obliterating it.

At the end, i had killed most of his army and had 2 hammerheads in his D-zone. A fire warrior fish was 1" out, as were the Kroot and the single XV8 suit. He had his bike squad and had killed my broadsides who did a stunning job of soaking up firepower and making oblits hide, as well as sniping marines out of cover to reduce them to none scoring. and a squad of Kroot as well as putting a wound on a crisis commander.

Very good game, very hard fought and a superbly nice guy who kept me laughing all throughout. Although i've forgotten his name i hope he reads this and gets some idea of how much i appretiated it.

So back up the tables for stomp.

Game 5

Against Nige's marines, gamma secure and control (The one with the central objective).

His list

Chaplain - jump pack

3 maybe 4 squads with las/plas heavy bolter/plas
6 assault marines
Dread - ML/ Lascannon
2 x tornados

Very cagey and well fought game. He won first turn and put down a hammerhead, took the SMS off the fish, killed the lone XV8 and stunned the second head.

In reply i nuked Predator with broadsides and destroyed a speeder with stealths, and stunned the other. I also immobilsed and stunned his dread with missile pods and started whittling the marines down with missile pods. His vindicator nuked a squad of Kroot.

We both used the terrain to good effect, limiting what could fire and destroying our targets - the second railhead finished the game with no weapons at all!

I danced the Tau jiggle for all i was worth to keep him at bay, destroying the assault squad and the chaplain charged the Kroot and they killed him. As we both maneuvered for the objective my superior mobility came into it's own as i double tapped his squads and started getting side armour shots with double tapping fire warriors and missile pods whilst the broadsides kept up their relentless damage - their final tally was 2 predators, a speeder, a dread and 2 marines. Nige did manage to break them at one point but the slow and purpousful rule + my moving them as far forward as i dared kept them on the board by 1" and they rallied, consolidated and kept up the relentless railgun pummelage. My centurion commander was also a marine killing daemon.

In the final turn i jumped onto the objective largely unchallenged.

End result: I killed all but 2 squads of marines who were under half strength and a speeder for the loss of a hammerhead, a crisis suit, and squad and a half of Kroot.

I scored with a weaponless hammerhead, the stealths, the big crisis unit and the fire warriors. Woot! Back to the top tables for Stomp.

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So with an overwhelming feeling of dread about what i'm about to face i rock up to table 5 to discover i'm up against my good friend Alex whitehead, aka Torgotch, aka the curren holder of the covetted position that i'm aiming for - Mr Tau uk. Awesome! on the table next to me is Matt and Dave battling it out for the flameon title and as it would later emerge 3rd place.

Ace! can't think of a better way to end the season. The first thing Alex does is go to the bar and come back with 2 pints of bugman's finest as we discuss terrain. Omega cleanse is decided and the battle for top tau begins in earnest. He deploys his broadsides behind 4+ cover 18" away from my broadsides who are a mirror image of his own, behind 4+ cover with good fire lanes. He puts down his fire warriors in front of the sides and another in his own quarter whilst i deploy me Kroot as far into some big woods in the open quarters.

I win the roll for first turn and elect to go second. The first turn sees his FWs advancetowards my broadsides and then our broadsides exchange SMS shots to no effect.

2nd turn and after another trip to the bar all of his army turns up except for this Ion head! Farsight advances as do the FWs and the broadsides sling some more SMS into mine to no effect again. Over on my left the skyray markers up the Kroot knocking down their cover save for his deathrain and crisis commander who kill 2 Kroot.

I bring a hammerhead and both commanders into play. The broadsides advance into cover and let rip on farsight killing a drone. My stealths deepstrike but have no target. My Hammerhead and Kroot also blaze away, stripping away the shield drones. My Ion blaster commander deep strikes into his quarter and hoses down the FWs hiding there and breaks them, whilst my other commander lets fly with his missiles at the skyray stunning it.

My Kroot also put a wound on his commander.

Alex replies by tank shocking the Kroot who break and flee, the commander and deathrain gun them down mercilelessly His sides stun my HH and the fire warriors and farsight shoot the broadsides who are reduced to one man who then flees. His Ion head also comes on and kills my Ion commander.

My final Hammerhead turns up and misses it's subs, although it's SMS strip some more shield drones. My FWs also turn up and disembark into the open, despite being out of rapid fire range i'm taking no chances with that many missile pods around. The warfish strips away some more shield drones. The Kroot advance and double tap farsight, killing more shield drones, and the same with my Monat fireknife4. My stealths gut his remaining FWs and i jump closer to farsight (MISTAKE!!!!) My bonded broadside rallies and sends another rail at farsight. Farsight now has no shield drones left. My crisis commander downs the skyray with some precision (I.e. jammy as buggery) shooting and jumps away to safety.

Another trip to the bar, some giggles and it's back to the game. Alex's Ion head advances and his deathrain and commander continue to punish the fleeing kroot. His Ion head kills a railhead and the broadsides stun my other head. Farsight lays some damage and then charges my stealths. We each do a wound each, draw the combat and farsight himself piles in to finish the stealths off in my turn. (Genius!)

With farsight now no longer a target i have little shooting, i move the skimmers around and re-embark the FWs which then hides from the Ion head behind a wood. The Kroot retreat to the back of the wood. My big XV8 unit make a reluctant appearance (On a 2!) and deepstrike into Alex's home quarter. They then fry his deathrain, leaving him no scoring units in that quarter. Farsight finishes off the stealths and moves forwards like the juggernaught of destruction he is.

My railhad is the subject of a shedload of fire from Ion head, broadsides and farsight and it is shaken. His crisis commander shoots and charges my XV8s in his quarter to no effect. My heroic boys give him a slapping and he flees, getting run down. I consolidate behind cover in the free quarter. Farsight charges the broadside who again draws the combat (Dammit! ).

In reply i jiggle my railhead some more and start trying to take down his hammerhead with my lone Monat suit, the firewarriors hide while the fish maneuvers for rear armour SMS shots on the Ion head but fails to damage it. My Large XV8 squad start taking pot shots at his broadsides but fail to do damage and jump back to safety. My crisis comander charges into the farsight unit careful not to contact farsight himself in an attempt to keep him tied up till my next turn, or failing that, leave him with no further targets to charge into preventing me firing at him. The broadside dies to farsight's dawn blade and my commander puts a wound on but then dies to the return attacks. On the plus side, farsight is now none-scoring and has nothing else to get into combat with.

The game goes on, we drink more beer and exchange more laughs. At the end of turn 7 we call it. Farsight's down to 2 suits (Including the big man), the broadsides and the Ion head are left. I have a FW squad, a monat suit on 1 wound, a warfish and a big XV8 squad left.

There's 1 quarter contested, we both have our own quarters but my XV8s have captured the other.

On totalling up the points, Alex has killed about 100 more points than me (Damn you farsight! Lol!) but i have the quarter giving me the victory by approximately 250 points - 50ish less points and it would have been a draw. We shook hands and went to the bar for some more beer.

Excellent game, perfect end to the weekend.

Final result: Stomp finishes 6th with the coveted title of Mr Tau Uk! Woot!

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Ok here's my take on what happened in my games WARNING may be long! :)

I had:
Chaos Lord, mos (mark of slaanesh), sorcerer, 8 minor psychic powers, Warp talisman, lightning claws (pair), master crafted, spiky bits, teleport homer, melta bombs, combat drugs, doom siren, daemonic strength/speed/aura/mutation/visage, Infiltrate.

Lieutenant, mos, sorcerer, 8 minor psychic powers, warp talisman, lightning claws (pair), master crafted, spiky bits, frag grenades, daemonic speed/visage, combat drugs, Infiltrate.

2 oblits.

2x 5 man marines with mocu, tank hunters and a lascannon.

1x 5 marines with infilrate and tank hunters.

1x 5 marines with mocu and a lascannon.

1x 6 marines with mocu, Infiltrate, 2x melta guns ccw's and pistols.

2x 3 bikes with mucu.

Ok so I had play a big fat 0 games with this army and had not played since heat 3 (not good) so I was not feeling confident at all.

Game one: I drew Jigplums cleanse, gamma.
He had the north west quarter I had the south east quarter (well obviously) he had a thirster, a prince (tooled up khorne prince hard as nails) 3 las/plas squads 1 infiltrating, a 8/9 man infiltrating squad with a daemonvessle, 2 oblits, 2 preads (one tri las other las haevy bolters) and a defiler. he put most of his well all of his stuff in a big wood in his quarter and the defiler to the side of it (hidden to my men) I tried to spread out what did not infiltrate of mine then came infiltration time, I believe I won the roll so I placed a unit about 18" away from him behind a big pice of stupid impassable terrain in the center of the board I did this to give his daemonvessle only one choice as where to go (also had to be 18" so I wouldnt get charged by the DP) he then infiltrated his units in the north east quater (pretty much the only worth while place) and then I had deployed my infiltrating las squads one behind a hill with a direct bead on the defiler and the other with los to the preads (so I had 3x tank hunters with los to preads one also with los to the defiler) then I had a choice infiltrate the sirens and kill the vessel unit (wasn't completely confident they could having never used them before) or charge the bulk in his quarter and the tanks? I choose option b. turn one the sirens went in and chomped 2 squads :twisted: the lascannons did f all sunned a tank I think the melta took a pop at the prince (bad idea as I know what the old inv sv + feel no pain is like) and shuffle what could not shoot and that was my turn done, rest of the game consisted of bloodthirster prince hitting units lascannons squads doing nothing with their side armour tank hunting lascannons, the oblit coming down (teleport homer) melta gunning the defiler to bits and taking jigplums table quater, both of our shooting was a joke (missed, failed to wound or cover saves) funny moments were both siren charging the price casting -1ws x2 so ws 4 then causing 9 wounds on the prince :mrgreen: gotta love lightning claws and jigplums usless marines in combat 5 marines charged 3 bike killed one lost one in return and sat there for 3 rounds waiting for siren to come and kill them. Game ended with not much left, I had 2 oblits in jigplums table quarter 2 bikes (rescued by siren) in the north east quarter and 2x siren and I think I had 1 las squad with 1 amn left, Jigplums had a bloodthirster with 2 wounds left and 2 obliterrators on the line of my table quarter and the north east (we both thought they were in mine till we measured) rolled a dice and they ended in the north east quarter (so that was an unlucky roll worth 375pts for jigplums) so I grabbed a win with about 1600ots diff I think (correct me if i have gotten anything wrong jigplums). more to follow.

Win 1600pts in my favour.

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game 2 against Peter corps iron warriors seek and destroy omega.
He had a speed prince tooled up, 9 oblits, 1 las squad, 1 infiltrating 6 man squad with a champ with fist and a chaos hound :shock: then 2 defilers and a basalisk.
he deployed 6 oblits in the middle (hidden) 3 on his right flank (hidden) and the las squad on his left flank. Infiltrate time, I wont the roll went on my left flank behind a wood (just didn't want his infiltrating squad over there he infiltrated over the anyway lol then I messed up with the sirens I split them up! (bad idea) I won the roll for first turn and opted to go 2nd.nothing happened his turn he moved the power fist squad with 12" of my melta gun squad and shot a lascannon. My turn the lord went in the middle (to use the teleport homer) lieu went on peters left to hunt the las squad. all that happened was my melta gun squad fluffed a terrain roll and got killed, I used the teleport homer to bring the oblits and blow up a defiler with twin linked meltas (2 games 2x dead defilers) lieu killed the las squad bikes played hide and seek his ablit just snipped of the ends of my squads carefully avoiding the lascannons and he very cleverly baited the lieu away turn 4 by bring the basalist on his left flank drawing it away from the center.turn 6 i boosted 1 squad of bikes out (escalation in mind) had another and he had the 3rd I thought the game may continue so I had both sirens in charge range of my bikes (knowing that he would charge them with his prince then a counter and 9 wounds later ( :mrgreen: jigplums :wink: ) and a back up unit of bike to hold it again but alas the game ended there and then. Not much of an eventful game I kill 2 tac squads a defiler and a basalisk he killed 1 6 man infiltrate squad and a 5 man las squad and that was it, I had an extra objective marker so won by about 800pts But peter played really well I mean he worked me out of alot of points (think he may have played siren before and I clearly haven't).

Win by about 800pts in my favour.

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Game 3 against longbeard bloodangels seek and destroy gamma.

Wow where do I start. Possibly my worst match up for me (psychic hood that I cant catch because it on a bike) and marines that have combat due to death company oh and worst mission for me and to top it all of I failed to roll siren :cry: (teach me to take a shite list like siren).
to start I figured I had lost already 200pts+ down in then mission. he set up with everything hidden behind one huge piece of terrain. (not that he did but if he wanted he could have just sat still and won) I lost the roll for table side and infiltraters (infiltrate was huge! as whatever the sirens kill is worth double) alas I was pushed back and forced to hide them. I infiltrated the melta squad a useless position about 24" away from his right flank in a hope to bait the death company that way and not forward ()they took the bait), and I had the infiltrating tankhunters in a wood with a bead on a speeder. I won roll for first turn and took it (no objective so why not). lascannon missed the speeder (of course :) ) another tank hunting lascannon had a bead on a tank (due to being just with 6" of the wood edge) and guess what they missed. basically all that happen is I spent 6 turns of missing or rolling 1'sI must have put 10 tank hunting shots into a pread and did absolutely nothing not even a stun. His turn 1 I was a bit of a cock about tanks and pivioting (i was right though :wink: ) The obliterators were the best came down (teleport homer) shot autocannons at a speeder 3 hits 3 glancing thinking this is looking ok stunned stunned shaken not to bad as its dead next turn... next turn 4 shots all miss sigh turn after next shot at it again all 4 shot miss :( and next turn guess what .... you guessed it all missed. turn 6 my bikes which were going to get gunned down rapid fired 1 speed and killed it (finally). O h and I forgot to mention fury of the ancients raped me, one hit killed the lieu (2 hits 2 wounds 2 failed saves) and it wounded the lord and killed the last survivor of a lassquad hiding so made about 500pts. Anyway I was really disappointed with this game, posssibly my worst match up in my worst mission (so I figured I would lose) but I wanted to have a fighting chance or at least minimise my losses lmao yeah right just so happened to be the worst luck I had in tournament too, this really hurt me I thought I played well and made little/no mistakes and got arse raped by dice not only that but due to the new system I now had no hope of winning the tournament.

Loss of about 1100/1150pts against me.

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Day2 game 4 Eldar recon omega (cant remember the guys name sorry).

wow I thought the last match up was bad... it was about to get worse lol. he had a 5 man seer council on jetbikes with runes of warding (psychic test on 3d6 any rolls over 12 = pearls of the warp no thanks) 3 x 3 man jetbike squads 2 fire prisims with holo fields, 6 swooping hawks, 2 vypers with starcannons and 6 fire dragons in a serpant. his whole army started of the board so i Moved up in to decent position with good gun lines and remained in cover (could have got in his deployment zone but would have been shot at and charged) anyway this game pick up where the other left off he won the roll for first turn and gave my first turn :( my turn 2 the oblits turned up (stupid fu*kers anyway his turn 2 both fire prisms and the fire dragons turned up now I gave my unit the full 2" spread so the blast would only hit 1 and 2 partials (nevermind) the fire prisms shot one squad and killed 4 men the fire dragons (all 6 of them) jumped out and killed 5 men in a wood (that was 9/9 failed cover saves 4 x 4+ 5 x 5+) anyway this game didn't go great I shot the serpant down stunned a prism (love holo fields) and touched up the dragons (think I killed 3) anyway rest of the game he kill little of mine (i used the cove and stuff hide and seek with the bikes and the game ended with what we both though was a big win for him (to be honest my heart wasn't in this game I was like whats' the point? cant win the tournament bad match up and I was tired and wasn't having fun) he had only killed 2 las squads I had killed a vyper the fire dragons, their serpant and 3 jetbikes, Turn 6 the melta squad charged a 3 man just bike squad killed 2 and made the other run away (the charge also got them in his deployment zone). he had a vyper 2x prisims seer council and 1 jet bike squad in my zone and I had the melta squad and both bikes in his deployment zone. The game ended turn 6 but if I would have been happy for it to carry on as I would have been able to get my units that were just shy of his zone in there. anyway I got a draw by 6pts (this really pleased me as I was sure I had lost).

Draw 146pts against me.

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Game 5 Dan Cates necrons take and hold gamma.

he had a lord on destroyer body with resurrection orb and phylactery (thing that lets him get back up with 1/2/3 wound depending on the roll) 2x 13 warriors 9 x immortals 3 x wraiths and 2 x monolith.

He set up his army in some rubble in the center of his deployment zone with the lord and wraiths behind and one unit of warriors on his right behind a hill.

I set my whole army around the center and infiltrated the lords to cause some pain.

He deepstrikes the liths and took first turn, turn one nothing special happened killed 3 marines from a squad. My turn one and the lieu made a bad terrain roll so I did not charge the lord! I wanted the both in together. turn 2 for Dan and the mons did not turn up nothing else really happened, my turn 2 the lord charged the front squad killed loads left like 3 then did the psychic test to -1 ld x2 so they now had a -6ld test (Ld4) visage, outnumber, 2x psychic test and below half strength so they legged it and rolled a massive 7" halved because of diff terrain i consolidated to herd them of. Dans turn 3 1 mon comes down sucks the immortals through the lord and wraiths boost to left center behind some terrain and the warriors flee a massive 6" halved again, he did some small shooting nothing special and over to my turn 3. The lieu charged the squad on dans right the lord charged the necron lord (moved and fleeted so he was closest model :wink: ) shot at the mon did nothing think I may have stunned it with the 6 lascannons (never shot liths unless you are tau/iron warriors) rapid fired some bikes at the wraiths and killed one (knocked one down), Combat and the lord kill the necron lord and the lieu killed his kill zone (3 models) then I did the old -1 ld test and they warriors failed their ld 7 test and the wraiths passed their ld6 test (dam) the lieu consolidated got a big 5" and moved within 6" of both fleeing units.
Dans turn 4 and the other mon comes down the lord roll a 1 for wbb and the warith gets up but he sucked them through the portal and the lord rerolled and passed his wbb then charged 2 las squads one unit of warriors ran of the other in cove stoped 1" shot of the table edge (cover keep-ed them on the table for 3 turn now) he shot and charged me and put the immortals besides the mons so I would have to go around them he killed one unit in combat and remained in combat with the other. My Turn 4 lieu stayed still to herd the warriors of, lord moved fleeted 2" (more then enough) and charged the immortals killed 5 they passed the ld test then came Dan turn 5. THE WARRIORS RAN OF THE BOARD AT LAST and 2/5 immortals got up Dan went to start moving stuff and I thought hmmmmmm so I asked him what's you phase out point and he said 10 models and guess how many were on the board... 10. game over and because of their dumb arse rules I got 3000pts and dan gor about 400pts. (they really should change that rule for tournaments. Cant say it was a fun game but revenge was sweet as I played dan at heat 3 with my mech eldar and mons are near impossible to destroy and he got so lucky he got both on turn 2 hit with bot (no scatter on the DS) then gauss flux kill a guardian squad 2x vyoers and a falcon with holo fields. He got a minor win over me then now was my revenge with a massacre :p
Win to me 2600pts in my favour.

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Game 6 against great harlequin iron warriors recon omega.

great harlequin pretty much sums it up in what he said on another forum:

" He came across. Announced he had double Siren. Was really ill at this point, so decided to deep strike everything and see what happened. Ripped my Predators apart and despite some effort on my part he managed to hold onto his quarter and another due to Biker units refusing to die to mass Plasma fire. Nothing I could do, but he made it bearable and complimented my army throughout – really nice guy, even though his army was hell! "

pretty much what happen although deep striking the oblits was the smart thing to do and he fail to mention the bad luck he had, 3 lascannons 2 hits 2 wounds 2 failed saves on 2 oblits 1 lascannon left shots at the lieu on bike with a 2+ ivn save hit wounds splat. Oh and 1 oblit spent 7 rounds of combat to kill 3 marines. he was up against it and his luck was not there either. Game ended turn 6.

Win in my favour I had 2200pts and he had about 6/700 I think.

So all in all not a bad performance 13pts and 9th place. I think I should have took a defiler looking back on it (would have done if I had practiced) and prob switch the melta squad back to a 5 man infiltrate las squad and give the meltas to the bikes.

If I have made any mistakes or remembered something wrong please feel free to correct me if you played me :)
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