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Just got back from a pretty tiring weekend, with more downs than ups!

The list I took is on the forum somewhere but in general it had: 2 prism, 1 falcon, 2 wavesepernts, 1x 3 jetbikes, 1xDA, 1xFD, 1x Space clowns and a jetbike autarch. Small, compact and decent if escalation.

I usually play an eldrad, foot seer council and avatar list supported by 3 unkillables, but I found escalation made it difficult even with side table deployment. So I went for the above list. Prior to the heat I had played 14 games with them of which 6 were at the Octoberfest Tourney. I got 13 wins, one loss (to nidzilla) and 9 of the wins were against an MEQ type.

Keeping this in mind and hoping for loads of chaos and marines I set off to the heats.

Game 1 – Simone Di Tomaso
Mission – Recon, Gamma.

His army consisted of 10 man bike seer council, jetbike farseer, Eldrad, 2x 10 guardians with BL, Falcon( fully ticked), 6 space clowns and Wraithlord with eml/bl.

I read the name on the notice board and thought shit, this is going to be a tough first game. I heard a lot that Italians are difficult to play and Simone having won the GT 3 times was one of the hardest so I thought why not concede now and save the headache of having a bad game. However during the game, there was no language issues and I thought he was a really nice player.

The board had no terrain on my side as he was insistent hills are size 2! So all my 5 skimmers could be seen by him. He used eldrad and moved a few things around. He won roll for first turn and I knew this was going to hurt.

Turn 1: He popped a falcon, wave serpent and immobilised another wave serpent…Ouch! His Fortuned bike council moved forward as did the rest of his force. I moved what was left around and took a few shoots at his falcon. Did nothing.

Turn 2: His bike council assaulted my prism and stunned it – he was in my deployment zone with a 435 point scoring unit at this point. The rest of his fire power shook my remaining prism. Then my DA squad shot his council, killed a bike… My FD’s shot his falcon and stunned it. Then my harlequins and autarch charged his bikes. I managed to kill 3-4 bikes and win combat. He passed and we stayed locked in.

Turn 3: He tried to cast fortune on his bike in combat, but the ref said you cannot use any psychic power in combat unless specified! His harlies jumped out of the falcon and charged the FD’s and massacred em. Then my autarch and harlies managed to kill 6 bikes over my turn and his combat turns (they used hit and run).

Turn 4: His harlequins finished off my dire avengers and consolidated into my autarch. I finished off his farseer with clowns. My turn I managed to get my prism down his left flank, shoot at the one guardian units and finish them off. I charged my harlies into his to rescue my autarch. I killed 5 clowns, he killed 4 clowns and stayed in combat.

Turn 5: His turn he moved closer to my DZ and destroyed one of the prisms, just great! My autarch and shadowseer beat his remaining clown and consolidated forward. At this point all I had was an Autarch on 1 wound, 1 shadowseer and 1 prism. He lost his bikes, one guardian unit and harlies. So I had to go gung ho to get anything from this game. I charged my autarch into eldrad and hide the shadowseer. My prism shoot the guardians in my DZ and brought my under half. Autarch failed to touch eldrad and it was a drawn combat.

Turn 6:Wraithlord went for the autarch therefore left my deployment zone. He moved his falcon into the corner so prism couldn’t see. Combat saw the autarch fall. My turn I shot the prism at the remaining guardians and missed!

The game ended with falcon in my DZ, and my prism in His. VP’s, he scored 1292 and I got 1162. This meant I just got a draw! More than I was expecting

Game 2 – Hal Belmonte (from Spikyclub)
Mission – seek and destroy, Omega.

His list consisted of 3 heavy destroyers, monolith, 4 destroyers, 10 immortals, 24 warriors, 8 scarabs and lord with res orb, veil and staff of light.

As it was omega only my harlies started. I would do a turn by turn detail, but my camera went ballistic so I have no photos to fall back on from here on in the report.

He won the dice roll and elected my to go first.
My skimmers came on all on turn 2 bar one prism even though I did not want them too ( I didn’t add the +1 for autarch). I popped his monolith on turn 4, but it had managed to save 14 warriors that failed their WBB rolls and destroy a prism and wave serpent, so it had done its damage already. My prism finally came on turn 5 and shot at some destoyers and missed. At this point I had my falcon near his gunline with autarch and clowns ready to assault. But on turn 6 he popped the falcon on a double 6 and killed all the harlies, and that was his first glancing hit on the falcon!!!! The autarch on turn 7 charged the destroyer and wiped them out. His one warrior unit rapid fired the autarch did nothing! I charged his lord with my autarch but he killed me before I touched him.

I thought this was going to be a massacre but he only got 1537 Vp’s, while I got 996. Giving him a minor win and me the loss. I knew now that I had to win my next 4 games to have any chance of qualifying. Nice guy, a bit tight on rules interpretation but very fair.

Game 3 – Michael Johnson (Broadside from Warseer)
Mission – Take and hold, Omega.

A second escalation game in a row. It clearly did not favour Michael as his 5 dreadnoughts would come in piece meal. His list consisted of 6 vets with infiltrate, 6 marines with lascannon, 5 scouts (4 sniped, 1 ML), Chaplain (terminator armour), Libby (termie), Razorback (las) with 5 marines meltagun, 2 venerable dreadnoughts, 3 normal( las/ML, Assx2). Btw Michael correct the list if im wrong.

His dreads came on one at a time so I was able to immobilize/weapon destroyer/destroy them. If they came on as one or in 2 lots the game would have been different. The space clowns went a little nuts going through a dread, lots of marines, libby and chaplain.

He played well and was really a nice fellow, his dice were really against him. The game ended with a difference of 1398 Vp’s to me so I got my first win.

End of Day one: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss. Not great, but 3 wins tomorrow to qualify is a hard ask. I have to say that this is probably the hardest heat I have ever been too. Every player, even on the middle to bottom tables had a very competitive list, so luck played a part even more so than usual!

Day Two

Game 4 – Michael Birch (Tolworth First Founding)
Mission - Cleanse Gamma

He had: 8 vets with plasma/infiltrate, 2x6 man lascannon marines, 2x Landspeeder tornadoes, 1x Vindicator, 1x Pred destructor, 6 devies with 4 ml’s, witchhunter inquisitor lord, Callidus assassin, Chaplain jump pack, 10 Assault marines with fist and plasma.

Using the witchhunter power that lets u pick sides, he choose the quarter with most size 3 and gave me the one with one a hill (which we sadly decided was size 2 !!!!!). I deployed everything near each other as I knew target priority checks were the only way to stop the heavy weapons wiping out my gravs. He sent all his army it could move and fire, yet be in range of all my skimmers. I hide my autarch behind the hill to prevent his assault marines getting too close.

So before first turn roll, we roll for night fight and he rolls a one!!! Yes, maybe not all my tanks will die. I won the roll for first turn and took it as I need the win and didn’t want to take any chances.

He moved his Assault marines forward but were out of assault range for the autarch. Both our first turns just involved moving. The autach/harley combo then killed the assault squad moved onto the next squad nearby, while the prisms and falcon kept stunning his tanks. The DA bladestormed the devise and wiped them out. His callidus turned up and wiped out the Fire Dragons then just hid. Then on Turn 5 I managed to destroy every one of his vehicles! The harlies then used hit and run to move 16” and assault more marines. The final turn, the inquisitor lord was killed by a shuriken cannon (only T3) and his vets got wiped out by a twin linked prism template.

A win to me by about ~2500 vp’s giving me a win and preventing Michael from qualifying sadly. He played well and was still playing well even at the end.

Game 5- Maurus Markwalder
Mission – Secure and control, Gamma.

This was a must win game if both of us wanted to qualify, especially for him as he came all the way from Switzerland. He used a Black Templar list: 2x Chaplain with 3 man retuine, Emperors champion, 2x 16 marines( 10 neo, 6 initiates, plasma, fist, pw), Vindicator, 6x Land speeder tornadoes.

More to follow!

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i think i spoil it on warseer.......
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