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I took

Librarian on bike
Fear, Fury, Artificer Armour, Familiar

Ven Dread
Lascannon, Missle Launcher, Tank Hunter, EA and Smoke

Assault Cannon

Las, HB Sponson, Smoke, EA

Las, HB Sponson, Smoke, EA

Las, Las Sponson, Smoke, EA

2 Tornadoes

2 Tornadoes

1 Tornado

5 Marines

5 Marines

Game One - Win

Nicola Taylor - Space Marines (nominated best army)

The game was cleanse and escalation. She had a Captain on foot, 6 Marines - 2 Meltas in Drop Pod, 6 Marines -
2 Flamers in Drop Pod, Dreadnought (AC) in Pod, 8 marines in a rhino, 6 marines in a razorback and I think
an Assault squad.

One look at her army and I knew this was a win. She was pretty much guaranteed to qualify anyway. My second turn
reserve rolls saw me roll 1-3 for all 9 of my reserves. "I'm really sorry Nicola said. Bless her. Suited me fine.
She drop podded the dread, brought on a Rhino, the pred and the assault marines every thing fired at a
Tactical squad causing it to break flee the table. My third saw everything except 2 speeders
and the ven dread walk on. I manouvred the single speeder to take one quarter and started picking her list apart.
By the final turn she had very little left. A single scoring squad and the lord stranded in the middle. I took 3 Quarters
for a 1450 odd vp win. My Ven Dreadnought failed to turn up in 7 turns!

Game Two - Win

Mark - Space Wolves

Loot Counters, escalation. He had a Pred Annihilator, Leman Russ Exterminator, Ven Dread, Some Kind of footbound HQ,
a unit of Bloodclaws in a rhino, a unit of grey hunters on foot, 4 speeders and a vindicator. A similar list to mine
without the beasty anti tank. This one could of gone either way depending on who drew first blood. Quite a tetchy affair
neither of us got on well. I enjoyed it though :). He got first turn, elected to go second and were it not for rolling
4 1's to damage 4 speeders he might of won. My return fire was immense. The Vindi, Pred, Dread and Leman Russ
all popped in two turns. Plenty of cussing and tutting brought a few choice comments from me "destroyed" "ouch"
"put it away" "back in the box" I even quoted Human Traffic at one point "Get in my Son!" (nothing like stoking the

Game Three - Draw

Frank Voss - Blood Angels

Recon. He had (if i remember right) lemartes with 8 DC, 3 squads of 5 Assault marines, a baal pred, a pred annihilator, an
extended rhino and a squad of tactical marines, a multi melta landspeeder, plus a captain with powerfist and jumppack.
This was the most enjoyable game of the weekend. Frank was an exceptional player. This one went down to the wire. We both
swapped sides. Most of my army met his DC and died. I blew chunks out of his tanks and managed to finish off the DC, Chaplain
and Captain. A Draw.

Game Four - Win

Peter (Brighton Warlords) - Blood Angels

Take and hold. Gamma. He had a pair of preds (las sponsons, autocannon turrets), 10 DC, chaplain on a bike,
mephiston, 3x2 Multi Melta attack bikes and a couple of tacical squads.

A very hard fought game. The DC were next to useless. Fury of the Ancients killed 2. Mephiston
took a wound in the first turn to perils of the warp. My speeders brought down the bikes with force of saves (they moved
24" on the first turn for the invulnerable save). I think Peter threw the game away when he detached Mephiston from
the DC to assault an immobile preds side armour. My speeders took him out in ne turn. My Librarian got the assault
on his Bike riding power fist chaplain, failed to kill him and ate a fist. The Chaplain was awesome in this game.
He single handedly managed to destroy a pred, ven dread and the standard dread. After passing 3 inv saves. If he's failed them it would of been messy. All that remained at the end was my speeder squads on the objective. A squad of his tactical marines and the chaplain. I won by 400 vps.

Slave to Heresy!
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Game Five - Win

Ian - Eldar

Seek and Destroy. Gamma. Wraithlord, Maugan Ra, Falcon, 6 Fire Dragons, 6 Harlequins, 3x3 Jetbikes with Shurikan Cannons, some wraihguard,
Eldrad, 3 Shining Spear Jetbikes maybe some other bits - nothing that scary tbh.

This game could of gone either way. Ian made two enormous mistakes early, gifting me maughan Ra in the second turn by moving him out of cover to shoot at my pred and also letting me draw los to a wraithlord with 6 lascannons. The falcon proved invincible. The Harlequins almost won this one for him. They went through a pred 5 tactical marines, and ran away from my Ven Dread (this guy was awesome all weekend when he managed to turn up).
I played a few cheeky mind tricks late on. Knowing the game was a draw if he shot my speeders I used my exceptional jedi mind powers to convince him hiding the falcon incase it got destroyed was the best chance he had of getting the draw.
"you have two options, risk shooting the starcannon and eat 3 lascannon and 3 assault cannon shots, or hide for what looks like a draw"
He fell for it hid the falcon and I celebrated a 300 vp win.

Slave to Heresy!
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Game 6. Table two. Play off for the silver.

Destroyer necron. FUCK!!!!!!!

Nick Langrick

Destroyer Lord, 3x5 Destroyers, 3 Heavy Destroyers, 2x10 Warriors

This wasn't a pretty game. Nick was a top guy, friendly, cheerful and a pleasure to play against. I think my girlfriend wanted him to win by the end... lol

I got smashed. Early signs looked good. I dropped a shed load of models, killed two heavy destroyers then braced for the wbb rolls. They almost all got up. Moved into position and pummelled me.

In truth I played this one badly. I should of gone all out down the left flank. Leaving my speeders and Libby hidden in my deployment to retaliate if he moved into my area.

Finished 17th overall. Bit of a bummer missing the silver but 17th is a personal best. The finals beckon!
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