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GT final [1500] eldar list

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100 - Autarch – fusion gun, wings
123 - Farseer – eldritch storm, warding, spear, jet bike

132 - 6 Harlequins troupe – 6 kisses
96 - 6 Fire dragons
140 - Waveserpent – spirit stones, vectored engines, twin shurken cannon, under slung shurken cannon
96 - 6 Fire dragons
140 - Waveserpent – spirit stones, vectored engines, twin shurken cannon, under slung shurken cannon

76 - 3 Guardian jet bikes – shurken cannon
76 - 3 Guardian jet bikes – shurken cannon

155 - Wraithlord – Missile launcher, bright lance
155 - Wraithlord – Missile launcher, bright lance
205 - Falcon – spirit stones, vectored engines, holo-fields, scatter laser, under slung shurken

all comments welcome

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Min troops/ max elites/heavies = lame

No its not at all..so many armies do that. He wants it too be fairly competitive and eldar infantry is very flimsy. Its not 'lame' at all.

Basically, the harlequins need a shadowseer. There is too much non-scoring is the biggest problem though. 2 wave serpent/fire dragon squads sounds tasty but you are looking at 500pts of non scoring because of it, not a good plan in my book.

I personally think wraithsight is going to inevitably be an irritating factor for you as well but you dont want to go down the 3 holo-tank route so I won't advise it.

The main problems are you dont seem to have any decent anti-infantry. One of he fire dragon/wave serpent squads has to go to give your army such sort of punch against infantry.
ok thanks i prefer honest answers but i need to why you think what you do?? (and if people arny "SCARED" of my army then i not too arsed as all scared does is make the other player make slight slip ups IMO, and they soon find out what is scary when they have lost lol)

**You need a Shodowseer
i found in the heat, i wait for there ride, if there ride gets shot down there nealry allways dead, in all but 1 game the shadowseer didnt make any diffence and its 30 points.

**You Autarch is under built
i dont really get what you mean??
but it has 2 purposed +1 and 1 hit kill thats it if it does both of those then im happy lol ( proble comes if he comes on befor the rest of the army as i still need the

**Your JB's are too few,
why what you surjest??

**Your Tanks are overbuilt,
expand again please, they all need to be "tricked out" as there so expensive to just go down easlily

**You don't have enough Scoring units
8 scoring units (low i admint), 500 points in un scoring, dont think thats that bad

**And your FD's are missing the Exarch that makes them so good.
why what would you surjest and why does it make them SO gud

I largely find myself agreeing with moc065.

The shadowseer is a must because of the plasma grenades. Harlequins MUST strike first, they die very easily and lose their rending effectiveness very fast when you only have 6 of them. Also you say that they will be hiding in escalation. The difference is the shadowseer allows you to deploy anywhere at all and not worry about getting shot. It gives you more options and means your harlequins arent totally reliant on the falcon. Also the harlequins can contest/capture objectives so easily with the veil.

A jetbike is better than wings by a long way. First of all, the jetbike is quicker and allows the brilliant 6 inch assault move. Also you get +1T. All that for 10pts? yes please.

I dont think you need a warlock in the jetbike squads. I prefer them to be small and cheap. easy to hide, good harassers and objective grabbers. I think the warlock is too expensive for what your squad is meant to achieve.

I do think serpents suck up too much points that could be spent on scoring units. I would never consider taking more than one.

The fire dragons are also very versatile with the crack shot and flamer.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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