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link for those who are interested


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Good News:
email today:

Hi Alex,

Don’t panic guys, we have had dozens of emailed questions about the GT’s and Andy, Kev and myself are working through them. To make sure we aren’t keeping people waiting too long for everything we are publishing updates in bursts to keep people up to date. We should get your questions covered in the next week or so (Games Day permitting.)

Pass on my apologies to the guys on your forum for the delay, we are trying our best to get everything answered in time for the first heat.

Brian Aderson
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thats cool, if only they use a rulebook and the relevent codecies for once then we could be on to a winner ;)
That link doesn't work! :wah: So i cant see.

MarzM :mrgreen:
changed to a warhammerworld website link
It works! It works! :rock:

I'm so happy!

MarzM :mrgreen:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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