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I recently started fielding about 20 grots and a slaver in my army. And have a few noob questions about them and their many uses. Help would be appreciated.

1. The Ork Codex states grots can be shot "through" and the boyz behind them can make a cover save. Is this allowed by the opposing player making a leadership test to shoot at targets that are not the closest? Or is he just allowed to blast away due to the small nature of the little bastards? Also, do grots count as small targets? They didn't seem to be classified as such in the codex.

2. Say I have a unit of grots ahead of my advancing boys. They are doing their job and soaking up the incoming fire to perfection. Can I return fire? I didn't think I could shoot "through" my own unit of troops. LoS is a bit of a questionable thing too. My grots are short (converted gnarbolds) and don't really block LoS but I recall something in the rules about not being able to shoot through your own troops. Or am I just thinking about the rule in the assault phase that prevents you from shooting into the existing assault?
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