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Grimzag's Dark Wolves

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So i was looking at my unfinished projects and my painted models. I've got 11 superheavies, 30 Doom serpent chaos marines, 35 White panther marines, 7 imperial guard tanks and 4 board game sets that need painting....so logically the next thing to do is to start a new project. Hopefully this will only be a short one, i need want to add some Khorne berzerker squads to my modelling cabinet so that i can ally them with the doom serpents that i've not finished painting yet.

I didn't however fancy painting them the typical red so with a bit of time spent surfing through Lexicanum looking for close combat oriented armies that i can use as counts as zerkers i've decided to go with a force of Skyrar's Dark Wolves. Two ten marine squads and a kharn counts as should do the job.

with that in mind i hit the bits boxes and within a few hours i'd put together these guys.

Squad Ove.

Squad Sture.

And Kharal the Treacherous

The next job is to get them all painted up like this.

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should be interesting to see this progress, a shame there is not much fluff known about them tho,
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