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Now I'm still not a fan of NMM and there are various reasons why. Gold for me is my most favourite and aesteticly (sp?) pleasing. Silver on the other hand as a NMM is never convincing to me, I get the method behind it and the reasoning behind it, but it always looks like it's just grey. This guy looks awesome man. It is nice to look at it painted this way as it is softer than the metallic versions I've seen. I do see some semblance to silver or metal in some of the areas of the figure. I'm not fully convinced it's supposed to be metallic by looking at it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm in no way slamming this figure because to be honest it just looks absolutely sweet. I love the grey look to him and man, that blending is flawless in my eyes. I just can't speak when I look at his purity both fluff and well, your presentation of the figure... he's soooooooo clean!!! Gotta rep ya
1 - 3 of 147 Posts
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