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Grey Knights list question!

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I was wondering if the following grey knights list is viable to play in both friendly and competitive play?

I'm looking to use the standard combined arms detachment unit rules (1 HQ, 2 Troops, 3 Heavy support, etc etc) and also the Nemisis Strike Force formation to try and fit as many Dreadknights into my army as possible. Is this "legal" and possible to do?

for example, I take:

Combined arms detachment

x1 Librarian
x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x1 Dreadknight
x1 Dreadknight
x1 Dreadknight

Nemesis Strike Force formation

x1 Librarian
x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x1 Dreadknight
x1 Dreadknight

Assuming this is okay to do, what are the disadvantages of using a list like this? I'm unsure of all the rules surrounding the formations and detachments.

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That is a completely legitimate army list. It is Battle-Forged, and totally legal.

Here's basically how it works:

Detachments - a 'Force Organization Chart'. That is, you're told 1-2 HQ, 2-6 Troops, 0-3 Heavy, etc etc. Combined Arms Detachment is the old standard Force Org that everyone knows and loves.

Formations - a Force Organization Chart where most of the units (if not all) are already assigned for you. For instance, the Stormwing Formation for Space Marines is 1 Stormraven Gunship and 2 Stormtalons. No more, no less. The Librarius Conclave Formation for Space Marines is 3 - 5 Librarians, and you can choose one of those to be Tigurius.

In the case of both Formations and Detachments, you have restrictions and benefits. Command Benefits are things that are granted specifically to the units/models (depending on the wording and your gaming group's interpretation) in each Formation or Detachment.

In your list, the CAD terminators would receive Objective Secured, while all of the models from the Nemesis Strike Force would receive access to the turn 1 chance for Deep Strike, and the shoot/run bonus, but no ObjSec.
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Your Dreadknights would not get it. Only Troop choices receive ObjSec.

As for your list, that's based on your Meta. if you play a lot of Marines, you may lose to objectives, because the new 'super formations' (Gladius and Lion's Blade) offer ObjSec. Also, any army that hasn't had a 7E codex yet (tau, chaos, etc) HAS to use a CAD, so they have ObjSec.
Completely legal.

Those would be 2 Nemesis Strike Force Detachments. You would select one as your primary, and that Librarian would be your Warlord.
Technically, yes, any Character.

I just think it's a bit silly to make it a Justicar, so I tend to assume that if there's a 'real' character, he's your Warlord. In something like Skitarii, it has to be one of the 'sergeants'.
eyeballing it, and just averaging...

2 Librarians: 200
2 Terminator squads: 400
4 Dreadknights: 800

so this is probably a 1500 point list with all the trimmings.
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